Camila Coelho, Kattan sisters to headline Beauty Pop in Dubai

Updated 15 April 2018

Camila Coelho, Kattan sisters to headline Beauty Pop in Dubai

DUBAI: Brazilian fashion-and-beauty blogger Camila Coelho is just one of several major international celebrity participants heading to Dubai this week for Beauty Pop. Running from April 19-21 at Dubai Design District, Beauty Pop will “unite international and regional celebrities, guests, bloggers and retailers for a weekend full of makeup and hair master classes, panel talks, meet & greets, retail experiences, and … pop-up activations that will educate, entertain and inspire,” according to the event website.

Coelho will be joined there by other high-profile influencers from the world of fashion and beauty — including celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, lifestyle and beauty vlogger Desi Perkins, fashion blogger Marianna Hewitt, celeb hair colorist Tracey Cunningham, and skin-care expert Nurse Jamie — discussing how to become a beauty blogger on YouTube, the evolution of the Middle East’s beauty industry, the industry’s influence on social media, and more.

Boston-based Coelho is best known for her “MakeUpByCamila” YouTube channel, which she launched in Portugese in June 2010. A little over a year later, she launched the English-language version of the channel and now has over 3.3 million subscribers across the two, along with her more than 6 million Instagram followers.

The 30-year-old has said she knew from an early age that she wanted to be involved in the fashion and beauty industry. “The moment I ‘discovered’ makeup, I knew it was for me, so I became a makeup artist,” she told in 2014. “My first job was with Dior. I started working the makeup counter at Macy’s.”

Also attending the event will be sisters Huda and Mona Kattan — co-founders (along with their eldest sister, Alya) of the hugely successful Dubai-based Huda Beauty. The sisters were born in the US to Iraqi parents and later moved to the UAE. Huda is reportedly the highest-paid influencer on Instagram, landing up to $18,000 for a single sponsored post targeting her 25 million followers, according to the platform’s inaugural Rich List. She also featured in “Time” magazine’s “25 Most Influential People on the Internet” list in June 2017.

“Earlier this year,” Huda’s listing read, “the New York Times posed a simple question: ‘Is Huda Kattan the most influential beauty blogger in the world?’ The answer just might be yes.”

In that NYT interview a year ago, Huda addressed the common comparisons drawn between the Kattan sisters and the Kardashians. “I can understand (it),” she said. “We’re 2017 women who are ultimately going out there, pursuing something out of passion and making a business out of it.”

However, she added, “I just can’t wait for the comparisons to stop.”

Temperature Restaurant: Farah Al-Ohali offers Saudis a new take on comfort food

A family eating at Temperature restaurant. (Supplied)
Updated 18 October 2018

Temperature Restaurant: Farah Al-Ohali offers Saudis a new take on comfort food

  • Al-Ohali has unusual offerings that could be called the ultimate comfort food
  • She credits her Kuwaiti genes for her innate desire to explore new palates and cuisines

DAMMAM: Turning up the temperature this summer in Al-Khobar is a “modern home cuisine” restaurant, founded and run by a young Saudi-Kuwaiti female chef, Farah Al-Ohali. Temperature is just seven months old, but Sharqawis are already familiar with Al-Ohali’s unusual offerings that could be called the ultimate comfort food.
The 22-year old credits her Kuwaiti genes for her innate desire to explore new palates and cuisines.
“The dining scene in Kuwait is much more developed; and people are much more open to experimenting with their palates, compared to other GCC countries,” she told Arab News. Coming from a family of innovative cooks — her aunt is known to cook up a notoriously delightful kabsa with turkey, instead of the traditional chicken — Al-Ohali has always loved cooking and would spend hours preparing and hosting elaborate dinner parties for friends and family.

In 2015, Al-Ohali left for Florence, to pursue the culinary arts professionally. She enrolled in an intensive certification program, learning techniques for over 250 dishes, assisting the chef in his kitchen, and working in a high-pressure environment. Coming back to the Kingdom, Al-Ohali was happy to cook for her family, but they weren’t impressed.
“The butter, cream, and flour characteristic to [what they thought] of Italian cooking was missing and they hated the ‘Italian’ I made for them,” she said with a rambunctious laugh. And thus began her journey to adapt flavors to the Saudi culture.
Her research was simple: She just asked Saudis what they ate and why they liked eating a particular dish. From there, she started an Instagram-based business and a pop-up food kiosk for public events. Some of her most popular creations have been chicken tenders in a waffle cone; nachos with chutney; mac and cheese grilled sandwiches; and coffee-marinated brisket sandwiches. Before long, Al-Ohali was approached by a marketing and talent management agency who helped her set up the restaurant.
Now, Al-Ohali is the creative force and chef behind Temperature (the most important element of every dish). The ambience reflects her effervescent personality: a snazzy beverage bar, bistro-style furniture and fittings, and rose, gold and green accents.

The breakfast menu is Al-Ohali’s personal favorite and it’s easy to see why.
First, we tried The Anita, a grilled brioche sandwich brim-full of layers of beetroot pesto, basil pesto, labnah, kashkawan and mozzarella cheese. Elevating a standard pesto sandwich, The Anita is worthy of weekend-morning indulgence. Plus points too for its Instagram-worthy pink hues.
“I use simple flavors that you would eat at home, but they are paired unusually with an ingredient that is not commonly used here or with an ingredient that you wouldn’t think of normally using,” Al-Ohali explained.
The Mushroom on Toast bears testament to her approach. Brioche bread topped with mushrooms, an in-house special cream, parmesan, arugula, sunny-side-up eggs, and, finally, balsamic vinegar drizzle. The tart vinegar offsets the sweet mushroom cream and creates an interesting fusion of flavors.
The Messy French, a crunchy brioche bread with salted caramel and maple syrup served with ice-cream, makes for a perfect accompaniment to the hazelnut latte. The menu is limited, but you can be assured that ,whatever you order, your expectations of comfort food are elevated a notch or two.
The Temperature is definitely on the rise.