Journalists covering key Summit praise ‘exceptional’ facilities in Dhahran

Arab leaders meet in Dhahran on Sunday to unify ranks with an eye on Iran and Jerusalem. Reuters
Updated 16 April 2018

Journalists covering key Summit praise ‘exceptional’ facilities in Dhahran

DHAHRAN: The media center at the Mercure Hotel in Alkhobar is hosting the 29th Arab Summit and witnessing important media coverage where read, visual and audio media are competing to cover the Dhahran Summit.
The summit aims to promote joint Arab consensus toward the region’s affairs and challenges.
A number of reporters covering the summit commended the Kingdom’s facilities to cover the event.
They described it as “exceptional” given the circumstances the area is facing in terms of drastic transformations in politics, economy and national security and its effects on the whole world.
In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the reporter on Middle East affairs for the Japanese newspaper Nikkei Saber Rabiah acknowledged the efforts of Saudi Arabia which harnessed all its media and logistic information for the success of this event, and praised the Ministry and Culture and Information for providing the media center with equipment that facilitates the work of reportersvia their different media networks.
Rabiah indicated that the world is closely watching the outcome of this summit, and looking forward to making decisions that promote joint Arab consensus about the different causes in the region, and taking a clear stance toward Iran’s intervention in Arab countries’ internal affairs.
In a similar statement, a senior Egyptian journalist said the government of Saudi Arabia has achieved great success in hosting the summit while the Arab world witnesses a difficult situation.
He also thanked the Saudi authorities for the facilities it has presented for reporters covering this event, and stressed that this is a success to all Arabs, not only Saudi Arabia.
MENA Board Chairman and Chief Editor Ali Hassan said the whole world was looking forward to the summit’s outcome which will express Arabic public opinion in general, and that will be followed up internationally for the unified Arab vision regarding several issues, including the threats to the Arab national security and the dangers of terrorism.
Hassan said the Ministry of Culture and Information continues to provide big logistical support to different Arab and international newspapers and media reporting on the summit.

Makkah all set for its first flower festival

Sea of flowers at Muzdalifah district in Makkah. (AN Photo by Abdulmohsen Doman)
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Makkah all set for its first flower festival

  • A symposium on environmental planning, and the design of green spaces such as parks, gardens and squares will also be held
  • The flower festival continues until March 23

MAKKAH: A carpet of flowers featuring 1 million blooms will be one of the main attractions as Makkah hosts its first flower festival.

The event, which begins on Tuesday at Muzdalifah, has been organized by the city’s municipality in cooperation with the Arab Urban Development Institute and King Saud University. It will be officially opened by Makkah Gov. Prince Khalid Al-Faisal.

Raed Samarqandi, the director of the municipality’s department of media and publications, said that the festival is unique and has serious objectives.

“It aims to improve the environment, fight pollution and show an image that suits the value of the city and its holy sites,” he explained. “The festival will coincide with the 20th symposium on afforestation, titled “Suitable afforestation for the environmental conditions of Makkah — the central region and holy sites,” on March 19 and 20.

The symposium will feature representatives of governmental sectors and scientific bodies and include discussion of papers addressing many the issues in the city, such as the state of afforestation in Makkah, the latest techniques in environmental planning, and the design of green spaces such as parks, gardens and squares.

Makkah Mayor Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Quwaihes has invited speakers from the private sector, universities, research centers, and agricultural and afforestation companies to contribute and help raise awareness of these local issues.

The flower festival continues until March 23.