Where We Are Going Today: Gailah Hub, Jeddah's moving cafe

Updated 21 April 2018

Where We Are Going Today: Gailah Hub, Jeddah's moving cafe

  • Gailah is a colloquial word that means “hanging out”
  • The cafe's location is shared with fans on Instagram before the meet

Gailah Hub is a pop-up cafe that moves around the city of Jeddah serving masoub — a banana bread pudding, and Chai Adani — black tea mixed with milk, cardamom, cloves and ginger.

Gailah is a colloquial word that means “hanging out” and “being around friends.”

The hub was created by six men who came up with the idea; the experience is supplemented by treats and accompanied by fashion, music and art shows in specific venues. They share the location with their followers on Instagram prior to the night of the event.

Some of the gatherings have taken place in random locations such as the Pepsi factory, Athr Gallery and the beach. “Gailers” are expected to mingle and create a social experience unlike any other. On several occasions, Gailah Hub has requested that attendees bring their own Arabic coffee and food to share.

Although a little pricey, their Chai Adani is a perfect concoction, with just the right amount of milk, sugar, cardamom and ginger.

Finance officials meet to map out Saudi Arabia’s budget plans

Updated 19 April 2019

Finance officials meet to map out Saudi Arabia’s budget plans

  • Finance representatives of 150 government bodies meet for the Budget Forum 2020

RIYADH: Saudi finance chiefs have kicked off a major conference in the capital aimed at mapping out the Kingdom’s budget requirements.
Around 300 specialists representing 150 government bodies met at the InterContinental hotel in Riyadh for the Budget Forum 2020.
Minister of Finance Mohammed Al-Jadaan welcomed delegates to the second edition of the gathering organized by the Saudi Finance Ministry under the slogan “Partnership and Empowerment.”
Al-Jadaan said the ministry was focused on “partnership and commitment,” and sought to share the challenge of developing an effective budget to achieve the Kingdom’s ambitious goals.
“We are also committed to empowering financial leaderships to learn about the ministry’s programs and projects and provide training and qualification opportunities to the best international standards,” he added.
The finance chief said the budget planning process required the collaboration of multiple authorities and a clear strategy based on transparency. 
Items up for discussion at the forum included financial planning in governmental bodies, automation, and the promotion of revenues and efficient spending.
Finance Ministry steering committee chairman, Abdul Aziz bin Saleh Al-Freih, stressed the importance of the forum in getting the ball rolling at an early stage on formulating a general state budget.
Workshops were held on the sidelines of the conference focused on empowering government organizations, and a training program on financial planning and income estimations was also staged.