Six last-minute Ramadan preparation hacks

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Prepare for your iftar meals well in advance to avoid any mishaps. (Shutterstock)
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Updated 15 May 2018

Six last-minute Ramadan preparation hacks

DUBAI: With last-minute preparations for Ramadan in full swing across the Muslim world, try these tips to get your home ready for the holy month.

Clean out your cupboards

Check if you need to buy anything new, donate items to the needy and get rid of any expired goods you may have lurking in your kitchen.
Make a list
Make a list of the items you will frequently need during the month — including milk and eggs — and a separate list for items with a long life span, such as dates, nuts and coffee.
Plan your meals
Write up a list of the items that you dish up on a daily basis — spring rolls, kibbeh or pakoras, for example — and prepare a large amount of them in advance. Simply store them in separate bags in the freezer and fry them up as needed.
Freshen up the living area

Check your living room, dining table, side tables and sofas for any scuff marks and general wear and tear that can be fixed in a jiffy.
Get washing
Wash and mend your kaftans, abayas and kanduras to make sure you are ready to attend the onslaught of iftar and suhoor gatherings.
Donate your pre-loved clothes

Clean out your closets and donate any clothes that are in good condition to your local charity center.

The Six: Louvre Abu Dhabi set to host ‘Big in Japan’ weekend

The Louvre Abu Dhabi. (Shutterstock)
Updated 21 October 2018

The Six: Louvre Abu Dhabi set to host ‘Big in Japan’ weekend

DUBAI: The Louvre Abu Dhabi is set to host a “Big in Japan” weekend from Oct. 25 – 27, featuring a range of activities inspired by the ongoing “Japanese Connections: The Birth of Modern Décor” exhibition.
Innovative music
On Thursday, Japanese Turntable Symphonograph Orchestra will reconstruct classical music by spinning vinyl records, using turntables and mixers as their instruments of choice.
Spoken word
On Friday, award-winning Emirati spoken-word artist Afra Atiq will perform a poem inspired by the artworks in the “Japanese Connections” exhibition space.
Homemade cartoon
“Emara,” a series featuring a hijab-wearing crime fighter, will be screened on Friday, followed by a discussion with voiceover artist Maryam Al-Atouly.

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Mural magic
On Friday, visitors can enjoy the big reveal of the first-time collaboration between Abu Dhabi-based students and renowned street artist Myneandyours as they add the final strokes to their murals.
Anime screening
Fan favorite “Big Hero 6” will be screened on Saturday. The comedy-adventure, which has some seriously emotional moments, tells the story of the bond between an inflatable robot and a boy.
A Japanese tale
Set to be screened on Saturday, “The Tale of Princess Kaguya” tells the story of a bamboo cutter who finds a miniature girl and raises her as his daughter.