Bupa Arabia achieves over 70% Saudization rate

Tariq Alamoudi, chief human resources officer, Bupa Arabia
Updated 16 May 2018

Bupa Arabia achieves over 70% Saudization rate

  • Bupa Arabia achieves over 70% Saudization rate

As part of  efforts to maintain a healthy and productive working environment, Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance has retained a competent workforce of Saudis at its work place to enhance  productivity.

The company is following   the direction of Saudi Vision 2030, aimed at employing Saudi nationals and promising them sustainable and stable careers.

Tariq Alamoudi, chief human resources officer at Bupa Arabia, said: “We have managed to increase our Saudization rates at Bupa Arabia to exceed 70 percent. It gives us great pleasure to empower Saudi talents at the company. We are firm believers in the Saudization of our workforce, which stands as solid foundations for our strategic plans. Bupa Arabia will continue to employ local talents in light of its significant development and growth across all clients and offered services.”

He  added: “We at Bupa Arabia have been successful in attracting Saudi talents from all around the Kingdom ... we also stress several training programs and courses to equip them with the right skills as well as develop their knowledge … moreover, we invest in employees who assume top managerial positions to set them on the right track toward becoming successful leaders.”

It is vital for the company’s progress that it  employs Saudi women as a key pillar of its workforce, said Alamoudi.

Bupa Arabia, he explained, is considered one of the leading companies that attract women, who currently represent 35 percent of their total workforce. “We focus on providing an independent work environment for women to create a positive work-life balance. Bupa Arabia also offers many distinct services, such as the in-house gym, nursery, lenient working hours for women and increasing maternity leave — to mention a few.”

Saudi law team gets right verdict in Kuwait ‘trial’

Updated 22 May 2018

Saudi law team gets right verdict in Kuwait ‘trial’

A team from Prince Mohammed bin Fahd University’s law department recently finished second in an Arabic moot court competition held at Kuwait International Law School.
The academic competition has teams of students from different law schools acting as advocates, and making written and spoken arguments to simulate a criminal law case.
Arabic moot court competitions have been hosted annually by one of the Arab universities in the region for the past five years. Thirteen teams representing different Arab countries took part in the Kuwait contest.
Prince Mohammed bin Fahd University’s major competencies include communication in both English and Arabic in professional and social situations; the ability to use modern technologies to acquire information, solve problems and produce planned results; the ability to reason logically and creatively to make informed and responsible decisions; the ability to perform professional responsibilities effectively in both local and international contexts; and being able to work effectively with others to accomplish tasks and achieve group goals.
The core competencies are a required part of curriculum for all students during their first two years in the college program. These competencies are evident on and off campus through student interaction with faculty, staff and others. This enables students to be successful in their chosen field and to contribute to the development of their communities.
Prince Mohammed bin Fahd University, located in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, is one of the largest private universities in the Kingdom.
The university aims at educating the “whole” person; it recognizes that success in the world depends not only on knowledge of a specific academic discipline, but also on a broader set of skill and abilities.