Saudi minister to focus on women’s empowerment at global meet

The conference will shine a spotlight on the global need to end child labor.
Updated 25 May 2018

Saudi minister to focus on women’s empowerment at global meet

  • The 107th session will be attended by government officials, employers and workers from 187 member states.
  • Saudi Arabia joined the ILO in 1976 and endorsed its first agreement out of ILO’s 16 agreements in 1978.

RIYADH: Minister of Labor and Social Development Ali bin Nasser Al-Ghafis will lead the Saudi delegation to the 107th Session of the International Labor Conference.

The conference opens in Geneva on May 28 under the theme “Generation Safe and Healthy” and will shine a spotlight on the global need to end child labor and improve the safety and health of young workers.

Participants will discuss the reports of the chairperson of the governing body and of the director-general titled “The Woman at Work Initiative: The push for equality,” which aims to empower women in the workforce and enhance equality in wages, income and employment, in addition to shedding light on “The Women at Work Centenary Initiative.”

Employer and worker delegates are nominated in agreement with the most representative national organizations of employers and workers.

During the session the ILO financial reports for December 2017 will be discussed, and the report of the committee of experts on the application of conventions and recommendations explored. 

The participants will address items including effective development cooperation in support of sustainable development goals (SDGs), violence and harassment in the workplace and social dialogue and tripartism. 

On the sidelines of the conference, the Saudi delegation will meet with representatives from ILO member states, Arab League, Non-Alignment Movement (NAM), Asia Pacific countries and the G-20, the ministry said.

The ministry’s participation is part of Vision 2030 which aims to enhance international relations and benefit from international experiences that help generate job opportunities, reduce unemployment rates, achieve sustainable growth, increase women’s participation in the workforce, in addition to enhancing an attractive environment and empowering social dialogue and tripartism. 

The conference, often called an international parliament of labor, has several main tasks, which includes crafting and adopting international labor standards in the form of conventions and recommendations.

Saudi commission signs deal to boost cybersecurity education

Updated 20 June 2018

Saudi commission signs deal to boost cybersecurity education

RIYADH: The Saudi Arabian National Commission for Cyber Security has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education to allocate 1,000 scholarships over five years for students looking to specialize in cybersecurity.
The agreement hopes to prepare qualified Saudi specialists in cybersecurity.
The Commission will set up the educational requirements and criteria for successful applicants of both genders in coordination with the sector’s core needs.
The Commission is also to specify the appropriate universities and institutions that will deliver the necessary programs.
The new agreement will help meet ‘Vision 2030’ goals to build national capacity in all sectors to meet market demands.
The agreement also aims to meet the new targets of Saudi student’s scholarship as set by King Salman, setting out choice of speciality to reflect market demands.