Ful — the dish of choice for iftar and suhoor in Madinah

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A traditional foul vendor prepares the dish. (SPA)
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A customer buys ful. (SPA)
Updated 25 May 2018

Ful — the dish of choice for iftar and suhoor in Madinah

LONDON: Ful, a dish made of cooked fava beans, is proving to be the dish of choice for fasting Muslims during Ramadan in the Saudi Arabian city of Madinah.
The dish, which is an everyday food across the Arab World, is one of the most popular dishes served in Madinah at Iftar, the evening meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset, and suhoor, the pre-dawn meal.
Ful’s popularity stems from its excellent nutritional value, delicious taste, attractive aroma, and the fact that it is considered to be a very filling food rich in protein.
Iftar in Madinah is not complete without ful and the city’s ful vendors are extremely busy just before sunset with people wanting to buy the freshly prepared dish.
There are two ways of preparing ful in Madinah, one is made of hand-crushed fava beans and the other is prepared with the whole bean.
The preparation of ful varies from region to region in the Arab world. Lebanese foul overflows with the flavours of lemon, olive oil and garlic whilst Egyptian ful is made with olive oil, parsley, cumin and tahini.

The Six: Decadent Dishes in Dubai

Decadent dishes in Dubai. (Shutterstock)
Updated 16 January 2019

The Six: Decadent Dishes in Dubai

DUBAI: Nicknamed the “City of Gold,” Dubai’s supposed fascination with this precious metal extends to food, with various eateries coming up with their own gold gimmicks over the years.

Fishing for compliments
A 23-karat gold-topped fish was the talk of town late last year when Doors Freestyle Grill opened in Dubai’s Al-Seef area. You can catch this extravagant fish meal for $184.

Ice cream mania
At a whopping $217, the Black Diamond Ice Cream at Scoopi Café in Dubai is definitely a glitzy treat. It’s a fusion of flavors from Madagascar, Iran and Italy – topped with gold.

Quality caffeine
The iconic 7-star Burj Al-Arab hotel blends 24-karat Italian gold into the foam of a lavish $24 cup of coffee.

Take the cake
In 2012, Bloomsbury’s Boutique Cupcakes made headlines with “The Golden Phoenix” — a $1,008 cupcake made with 23-karat gold foil.

‘Burg’ Khalifa
Wagyu beef patties, truffle cheese, foie gras, saffron mayonnaise and blackberry ketchup wasn’t enough for The Roadery restaurant in 2017 — chefs added two gold-topped buns to create a $63 burger inspired by the Burj Khalifa.

Dine in style
Gold-loving foodies can enjoy an entire menu featuring the precious metal at the 24 Karat Restaurant in Dubai’s JW Marriott Al-Jadaf.