Hyundai celebrates ‘Timeless Ramadan’ with short films

The first and second short films are now online.
Updated 28 May 2018

Hyundai celebrates ‘Timeless Ramadan’ with short films

Hyundai is taking people on a journey through a “timeless” Ramadan this holy month, in a series of short films being shared in Saudi Arabia.
The three films offer a sentimental view of some of the unchanging Ramadan traditions that pass down through families, creating everlasting memories of Saudi society that resonate across the years.
The stories catch simple moments during Ramadan, particularly those showing a spirit of sharing and giving.
Each film juxtaposes the past and the present in an attempt to show how some memories remain constant through the years.
As the films bring timeless Ramadan to life, we see that traditions passed to us from our grandparents and parents are passed to our children, forming a unique thread between generations.
“Ramadan is a special time for families in the Arab world, and with our Ramadan series for this year, we want to show that while many things in life will change, there are some special things that remain constant,” said Mike Song, Hyundai’s head of operations for Africa and the Middle East.
“It is this ‘timeless’ Ramadan that brings families together, and which crosses between generations to create moments that everyone, young and old, can share.”
This is the third year Hyundai in the Middle East has produced a short film series for Ramadan. In 2016, a series titled “Al-Barakah” followed the theme of Ramadan blessings. In 2017, “Ramadan Everywhere” visited various Arab countries to look at local Ramadan traditions.
The first and second stories are now online. The final story will be available at the time of Eid Al-Fitr.

AJVA prepares to welcome female Ford customers

Updated 16 June 2018

AJVA prepares to welcome female Ford customers

Al-Jazirah Vehicles Agencies (AJVA), the Ford and Lincoln importer-dealer in Saudi Arabia, is ready to welcome female customers and their families at its upgraded facility in Riyadh’s Takhassussi Street.

Crafted as a one-stop shop for female customers in a warm family environment, the Takhassussi showroom is conveniently located in the Mohammadia area, near many of the Saudi capital’s most popular shopping areas.

Joining the existing staff on the showroom floor is a team of highly-trained female sales consultants, many of whom have years of experience with the Ford brand and products. 

“Our goal is to create a relaxing environment that enables a new wave of customers to enjoy the entire experience of buying and owning their dream Ford,” said Mohammed Al-Kraidees, deputy CEO of Al-Jazirah Vehicles Agencies. “There is a lot to consider when buying a new car, and we really want the experience to be as stress-free as possible for our female customers.” 

“Ford is committed to delivering the products, services and overall ownership experience that our new female customers in Saudi Arabia want,” said Crystal Worthem, marketing director of  Ford Middle East and Africa. “Since the royal decree was announced, our teams have been working together with our distributor, Al-Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Co., to implement various actions that would help welcome Saudi women to the driver’s seat. While this is very much of an ongoing process, as this new customer group’s needs evolve, our approach will continue to evolve with them.”

Once a customer decides on the model they would like, the branch will arrange a test drive, and upon purchasing the vehicle they will be offered the option of a convenient collect-and-drop-off service. 

AJVA’s customer care does not end when the new owner drives out of the dealership. After-sales customer service is handled through Al-Jazirah’s Connection Center, which is staffed by men and women who have deep knowledge of the company’s products, facilities and service procedures. They are well-equipped to provide advice and guidance to customers, enhancing the experience of Ford ownership by removing all stress.

Al-Jazirah will also roll out roadside assistance vehicles for women soon. Based in the main centers throughout Saudi Arabia, the service is designed to give customers complete peace of mind on the roads.