China launches tax evasion probe into film and TV industry

China’s cinema market is worth $8.6 billion. (Reuters)
Updated 04 June 2018

China launches tax evasion probe into film and TV industry

BEIJING/SHANGHAI: China will launch a tax evasion investigation into the country’s film and television industry, the tax bureau said in a statement posted on its official website on Sunday.
Some of the country’s most famous actors have been accused of signing so called “yin-yang” contracts — one contract setting out agreed payment terms and a second one with a lower figure for the tax authorities to avoid payment of tax.
China’s cinema market is worth $8.6 billion.
An index tracking major media firms dropped 1.3 percent to a near four-year low on Monday.
The State Administration of Taxation (SAT) has asked local bureau in the southern province of Jiangsu, among others, to carry out investigations.
“If violations of tax laws and rules are found, they will be dealt with in accordance with the law,” said the SAT.
The last time a high-profile artist was entangled in a tax investigation was in 2002, when 1980s actress Liu Xiaoqing was imprisoned for a year for tax evasion.
So-called “yin-yang” contract — a widely used expression in China meaning real and fake agreements operating side-by-side — is commonplace across the country for every type of acquisition, from real estate to football clubs.
China has been cracking down on tax cheats as demands grow on the nation’s coffers.

The Six: Female rappers from the Middle East who are changing the game

Updated 18 November 2018

The Six: Female rappers from the Middle East who are changing the game

DUBAI: These women are changing the face of rap in the Middle East with their bold lyrics and powerful prose.


This Moroccan female rapper champions women’s rights and uses bold lyrics to tackle social issues. True to her feisty form, Soultana’s hit “Sawt Nissa” addresses sexual harassment in her home country.

Shadia Mansour

The British-Palestinian rapper uses hip-hop to highlight the Palestinian struggle. Mansour sees music as a medium for expressing dissent.

Mayam Mahmoud

The Egyptian rapper, who has been featured on CNN and the BBC for her efforts to advance women’s rights and combat sexual harassment, is making a name for herself on the rap scene.

Meryem Saci

The music of the Montreal-based songwriter of Algerian origin ranges from soulful R&B and jazz to reggae and hip-hop. Saci’s mixtape, “On My Way,” is a testament to her eclectic sound.


The self-proclaimed “Queen of Arabic hip-hop” has established herself as one of the most important musicians in Lebanon and beyond with hard-hitting lyrics. She even opened the show for Snoop Dog in Abu Dhabi in 2011.