5-year-old injured in Houthi missile attack on Jazan, southwestern Saudi Arabia

Yemeni troops continued to make advances against the Houthi militia near Sanaa (File/AFP)
Updated 04 July 2018

5-year-old injured in Houthi missile attack on Jazan, southwestern Saudi Arabia

  •  Saudi Civil Defense Authority says the Katyusha rocket fired from Yemeni territory
  • Attack comes after Houthi leaders killed near Hodeidah

JEDDAH: A five-year-old boy has been injured after a missile, launched by Houthi militias, struck in Al-Ardah district in Jazan region, according to the Saudi Civil Defense Authority.
The authority’s media spokesperson in Jazan, Col. Yahya Al-Qahtani, said the projectile was a Katyusha rocket fired by members of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia from within Yemeni territory.
The spokesman said the boy was transferred to hospital.

The attack came as Yemeni forces, backed by the Saudi-led Arab coalition, made further advances to new positions in the Nahm front, east of the capital Sanaa.

The extensive fighting against the Houthis caused heavy loss of lives, Saudi Press Agency reported.

A Yemeni military source said “the forces of the Yemeni National Army, backed by the Saudi-led Arab coalition launched a wide attack, from several axes, on the sites of the Houthi militia headquarters in the Nahm front.

“The coalition was able to advance on a number of important sites, including the Nahud Mountains, the village of Al-Madfun, the Al-Rabah mountain range and the sites adjacent to the Salih district overlooking the Al-Mahali valley.”

The source said coalition aircraft targeted three gatherings of Houthi fighters west of Bayda.

Earlier, air raids by the Arab coalition killed several Houthi leaders on the west coast of Yemen while the national army and Popular Resistance advanced towards the eastern areas of Hodeidah.

According of the official news site of Yemen’s Ministry of Defense, the air raid targeted the headquarters of the Houthi militia in the district of Zabid, where several field leaders were meeting.

Saudi air force completes ‘Red Flag’ military exercise in US

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Saudi air force completes ‘Red Flag’ military exercise in US

LONDON: The Royal Saudi Air Force concluded its “Red Flag” military exercise in the US on Saturday, which saw more than 800 sorties carried out by the unit.
The air force conducted a number of combat scenarios in a real combat environment in which Saudi pilots demonstrated their high combat capability and rapid ability to deal with enemy targets and destroy them.
The Commander of the air force participating in the exercise, Col. Masoud bin Nasser bin Shri said that participation in the exercise aimed to deepen the bonds of cooperation and exchange of experiences between the air forces of the participating countries, and increase the level of combat readiness and skill and develop of its officers.

Col. Bin Shri confirmed that the air and technical crews achieved outstanding success and high level of accuracy and professionalism, with all flights successful.
He added that these exercises would be of great benefit to the participants of the air crews, and technical and administrative crews to develop their skills and skills and gain self-confidence and good practice in real life battle situations.