A cultural delight: Ambassadors visit Okaz Souq and the treasures of Taif

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A diplomat participates in a dance number at the Souq Okaz. (Saudi Center for International Communication photo via Twitter)
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A diplomat participates in a dance number at the Souq Okaz. (Saudi Center for International Communication photo via Twitter)
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Diplomats get a close up view of Souq Okaz. (Saudi Center for International Communication photo via Twitter)
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Diplomats get a close up view of Souq Okaz. (Saudi Center for International Communication photo via Twitter)
Updated 09 July 2018

A cultural delight: Ambassadors visit Okaz Souq and the treasures of Taif

  • More than 100 diplomats took part in activities from riding camels to traditional dancing, and enjoyed a glimpse into how Saudis used to live. 

TAIF: Far from work, and mostly for play and cultural enrichment, diplomatic envoys took a trip to Souq Okaz and other historical sites in Taif on Thursday. 
This year alone, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has hosted the envoys and their families on a series of trips to different regions in the Kingdom. Foreign Ministry Undersecretary for Protocol affairs, Azzam Al-Gain, said: “The aim of these visits is to connect with the envoys and their families; to introduce them to our history, and at the same time to create an environment of friendship. 
“This year we have taken them on four visits to different regions in the Kingdom to introduce the visitors to our history. The last visit was Horaymla’a. It was a desert place. Each visitor had a chance to plant a tree with their flag on it as an initiative to combat desertification.” 
From riding camels to participating in traditional dances, the diplomatic envoy was exposed to the real face of Saudi. Far from politics and nearer the heart, they witnessed first-hand the generosity of the Saudi people and their fun side. 
They had a chance not only to visit Souq Okaz, but also the treasures of Taif, including Shubra Palace and Al-Sharif Museum. A glimpse of history, and how Saudis used to live, and a taste of cultural delight. 
British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Simon Collis said: “The highlight was the time we spent at Souq Okaz. Although I had a small idea about the place, it’s not until you go that you realize two things. The first is the history and how deep it goes back, deep roots. Second that this history is expressed in a way that is accessible to people. I was especially pleased to see the theater, with the songs in the beginning.”
Abderrahmane Dadah, Mauritania charge d’affaires, said: “The weather in Taif is beautiful and Souq Okaz reminded us once more of Arabs’ glory and history. Arab tribes would come from all over to celebrate their ancestory. Being here reminded us once more, as Arabs and diplomats from Arab countries of that. We came here and were introduced to the Saudi culture. We are grateful for this trip and thank MOFA for arranging it.”
Souq Okaz hosts many spectacular activities that are lively and re-enacted, to give the audience a true feel of past. Old history merged with new technology, that has a feel of both. “I’ve read in the past about the Arab tribes, and the history of the Bakreeyn and Taghlebeeyn, but to see it re-enacted in front of us brought us back to pre-Islamic times and gave it life. It was lovely.” 
Ambassador of Serbia Mohammed Sebhy said: “Every time, I come to Taif -- and I’ve come many times -- I feel a sense of comfort. The people are kind and the weather is beautiful. Even in the middle of the day when the heat peaks, Taif is 33 degrees, which is the same as any European country. The weather is nice, the people are kind and the fruit is great.”
Most of the ambassadors agree that Souq Okaz is an ideal tourist attraction, because of the history it holds and Taif’s cool weather even in the middle of Summer. 
Ambassador of Serbia, Mohammed Sebhy said: “We feel joy being here. Souq Okaz is a great tourist attraction. Powerful countries invest in their local tourism and that is what Saudi is doing.”
German Ambassador Dieter Haller said: “Taif has an important place in the history of Saudi Arabia. I now understand better why so many kings have chosen Taif as a summer residence. It reflects the diversity: culturally, ethically, and geographically, of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Which is one of the big assets of the Kingdom.”

He added how impressed he was by Souq Okaz, and that he has heard a lot about it. “I think it’s very important now at a time where many changes are unfolding that people must adapt, yet old traditions are still equally cherished. The bridge between tradition, modernity and history is a history socially and culturally of a country and of a society. Souq Okaz is a wonderful opportunity to maintain one of the prime cultural expressions of the Saudi traditions -- the old traditions.
“The Shubra museum showed in the past how modestly those have governed lived. It was a reminder that simplicity and modesty is also part of our life. It was wonderful architectural reflection of the influences that have enfolded in the kingdom. It is so good to know it has been maintained.” 
The German ambassador added that preserving these historical sites was important for the future generation to see how their forefathers lived.
World Cup matches took place during the visit, and many of the ambassadors are passionate football fans. A fun-filled trip didn’t stop them from watching the matches, though. The Uruguay and French ambassadors sat together in Souq Okaz to watch the match. When the game finished, both were in high spirts and shook hands, even though Uruguay lost to France. 
Igor Busygin, Russian charge d’affaires, proudly wore the Saudi national team jersey -- signed by all the players on the first day of the trip. Commending Arab News’ innovative revamped look, he said it was now more visually appealing. 
Chinese Ambassador, Li Huaxin, an avid photographer, captured each moment. He took photographers of sites and the delegation, creating a joyful atmosphere that many are sure to remember. 
Jameela Al-Qahtani, a diplomat at MOFA, said: “It was an honor to serve our country. We are proud that we had this opportunity to show them our heritage. We work with love and it was truly a pleasure. We were excited for this chance to show the diplomatic envoys this side of us and our history.” 
Applauding the Saudi female diplomats’ efforts in conducting a successful trip, Foreign Ministry Undersecretary for Protocol affairs Azzam Al-Gain said: “They were the stars.” Their welcoming attitude and unique contribution helped facilitate a memorable experience. The visit had a delegation of 160, including more than 10 female diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign affairs who participated in this trip. 
The tour ended with the visitors being introduced to the famous Taif Rose, in a Al-Shifa district.

UAE celebrates Saudi National Day

Updated 23 September 2018

UAE celebrates Saudi National Day

DUBAI: The celebratory mood to mark Saudi Arabia’s 88th National Day has reached as far as New York, with Nasdaq displaying images of the Kingdom’s rulers at its tower on Times Square in New York while Dubai carrier Emirates is pulling out all the stops to join in the festivities.

The Dubai airline operated a special one-off A380 service, known as EK 813 and EK 814, on Sunday to the capital city of Riyadh, touching down at King Khalid International Airport at 3:30pm. The return flight was scheduled to depart at 6:50pm.

A YouTube video from Emirates also showed crew handing out scarves embroidered with the countries’ flags, as well as white roses, to passengers while boarding the A380 aircraft.


Nasdaq Dubai, the UAE-based operations of the New York equities exchange, posted: “Best wishes from #NasdaqDubai to #SaudiArabia on the occasion of the 88th National day” in its Twitter account, along with photos containing images of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed being projected on a huge electronic billboard. A separate tweet also showed an 11-second video with the merged UAE and Saudi Arabian flags fluttering on the billboard.



Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, will be illuminated in the national flag of Saudi Arabia, in a display of friendship between the UAE and its Gulf neighbor.

In the UAE’s capital, the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police decorated 88 of their cars – one for every year being celebrated – with the flags of Saudi Arabia and the UAE and the words “Together Forever.”

Meanwhile, Etihad Airways’ Wesam Sameer Al-Najjar, the only Saudi National A380 pilot in the world, together with Captain Ahmed Almalood from the UAE, flew the A380 Year of Zayed aircraft to Jeddah for a special one-off service to mark the event.