FaceOf: Mansour Al-Shathri, vice chairman of the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mansour Al-Shathri
Updated 17 July 2018

FaceOf: Mansour Al-Shathri, vice chairman of the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mansour Al-Shathri is the vice chairman of the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI). He has been in this key position since August 2016.

The RCCI vice chairman recently attended the launch of a program aimed at preparing 1,000 Saudi youths to collect zakat and taxes in collaboration with the Department of Zakat and Income Tax at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The program hopes to increase Saudization by encouraging Saudi talents to embrace this new sector and develop it in the future.

In his opening speech, Al-Shathri highlighted the importance of empowering Saudi youth and their role in enhancing the labor market and how it is one of the RCCI’s initiatives that goes in line with Vision 2030.

Al-Shathri graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering in 1994 and is now the owner and director of Eng. Mansour Al-Shathri Engineering Consulting Office in Riyadh. He is also the general manager of the Saudi Takheer Group.

He has worked as an engineering supervisor in several projects of the Ministry of Defense and is currently managing one of the contracting facilities to implement construction projects in Saudi Arabia.

In January 2017, Al-Shathri was chosen by the Council of Saudi Chambers as a member in the GCC Commercial Arbitration Center, formed in 1993 to settle commercial disputes through arbitration.

He is also the chairman of the Committee for the Labor Market at the Council of Saudi Chambers, chairman of the board of trustees of the Riyadh Center for the Development of Small and Medium Business and of the Committee of Building Contractors at the RCCI, and the chairman of Human Resources Committee at the RCCI.

Al-Shathri has participated in a number of seminars and lectures dealing with administration, municipal systems, contracts of work, building techniques, corporate systems and human resource management. 

Pilgrims praise Saudi efforts during Hajj

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Pilgrims praise Saudi efforts during Hajj

  • Pilgrims praise the organization of the Hajj ritual areas
  • Millions pass through relatively small areas to perform the rituals

ARAFAT: Pilgrims from around the world have expressed their gratitude for the services provided to them by the Saudi authorities, and praised the quality.
“Despite the small size of the holy sites area and the massive gatherings of pilgrims coming yearly to this place, Saudi Arabia has succeeded in managing the huge crowds,” said Jihad Obaid, an Iraqi pilgrim performing Hajj for the first time. The only thing he does not like is the hot weather, but the water sprinklers installed along the way have been a great help, he added.
“These sprinklers reflect how caring the Saudi government is,” he said. “We all know that man can’t control weather challenges, but the preparations made to protect pilgrims is a sign of the great efforts to help pilgrims carry out their rituals comfortably.”
Mas’ood BuHadji, from Algeria, thanked the security guards for the work they do for pilgrims.
“I would like to extend my thanks and appreciations to the security men who spare no effort in assisting the pilgrims to easily complete their rituals,” he said. “Although I am not Saudi, I feel proud of these Muslim security men, whose job here is not only to secure pilgrims a safe Hajj, but also offer them bottles of cold water.
“Hajj is now easier than ever; the Jamarat Bridge, the services and everything.”