One dead in new protests in southern Iraq: medical source

Iraq protesters demanding better public services and jobs run from tear gas fired by security forces, during a demonstration in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, Iraq, Friday, July 20, 2018. (AP)
Updated 20 July 2018

One dead in new protests in southern Iraq: medical source

Diwaniyah, Iraq: A man was killed Friday during a protest outside the headquarters of an armed group in southern Iraq, a medical source said, as authorities push to contain social unrest.
"A civilian around 20 years old was shot dead," a medical source in the city of Diwaniyah told AFP, as fresh rallies were held across southern Iraq against social and economic woes.
Shots were fired by a guard from the local headquarters of the Badr organisation, a powerful Iranian-backed armed group, where hundreds of people were protesting, the source said.
The latest death brings to nine the number of people killed in the protests, according to multiple sources, while authorities earlier this week said more than 260 security personnel have been wounded.
The unrest erupted in Basra province on July 8 when security forces opened fire, killing one person as protesters demanded jobs and basic services including electricity.
Others killed during the protests were shot by unknown assailants.
The Iraqi government swiftly denounced "vandals" it accused of infiltrating the protests.
The latest demonstrations saw thousands of people gathering across the south and also in the capital Baghdad, where a heavy security presence saw demonstrators dispersed by water canon and tear gas.
The crowds were broken up as they headed towards the fortified Green Zone, a high-security area of Baghdad where the government is headquartered.
In oil-rich Basra, people shouted slogans against the authorities as thousands gathered peacefully outside government headquarters.
Shouting "no to corruption", hundreds of people rallied in Nasiriyah, 160 kilometres (100 miles) northwest of Basra, chanting the anti-graft message which has characterised nearly two weeks of protests.
Demonstrators also surrounded the home of Nasiriyah's governor where security forces responded with tear gas.

Saudi delegation in Egypt for key conference

Al-Othaimeen is head of a Saudi delegation. (AFP)
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Saudi delegation in Egypt for key conference

  • Al-Othaimeen thanked the Egyptian president for his patronage of the conference

JEDDAH: Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi received OIC Secretary-General Dr. Yousef bin Ahmad Al-Othaimeen in Cairo on Monday. 

Al-Othaimeen is head of a Saudi delegation in the Egyptian capital, which is participating in the 4th Islamic Conference of Ministers for Water in the OIC member countries.

El-Sisi urged the participants of the event to come up with positive results and solutions to water problems in the Islamic world.

Al-Othaimeen thanked the Egyptian president for his patronage of the conference, stressing that there are proposals and serious solutions to be discussed at the conference.

During his speech, Al-Othaimeen said the event will help in raising awareness among the OIC member states, as it contributes to the achievement and objectives of the OIC on the major issue of water.

The event aims to promote innovations to address serious water-related issues in unconventional ways, using modern technology and by supporting and implementing integrated water management.

The conference is being organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.