Start-up of the Week: Tabuk’s Candy Gift goes for the sweet spot

Updated 23 July 2018

Start-up of the Week: Tabuk’s Candy Gift goes for the sweet spot

RIYADH: When Elham Musalli retired after working in the education sector for 23 years, she was not ready to put her feet up and have a rest after decades spent working with children.
Many educationists might feel jaded and glad to turn their backs on their pupils. But not Elham Musalli. She told Arab News: “I worked in the field of education for 23 years, despite my love and enjoyment of my work and achievements in King Abdul Aziz Schools and its charity institute, there was something inside me ... a wish or a hobby or the love to work on something that I had not been able to devote myself into and give it more attention.”
She started thinking about what her next challenge would be. ”When I retired I had the time to think about my candy project, which is actually part of my personality the love for children and the love of making gifts.”
She started talking to her family about how to implement her project. She was determined to do something she said, unable to “a long time of emptiness every day.” She also wanted to teach her children how to start a business.
“After long discussions with the family, we ended up working together as a team to make this dream come true.
“We distributed work among the family members from the selection of the logos and colors, to choosing cashier devices and preparing a comprehensive feasibility study. I have also traveled to many cities to learn about the traders, shops and institutes that can help in providing us with goods. The planning process took approximately a year to achieve.”
The concept of Candy Gift in Tabuk in the northwest of the Kingdom is that it will be a fantasy space, selling sweets and gifts, in a colorful fashion-forward store.
Candy Gift, is now open at the Tabuk Park mall near Prince Fahad bin Sultan’s Park, aims to be a lively concept store. Its colorful interior is sweetly styled to conjure up the idea of a candy paradise for the young — and the young at heart.
She was looking for staff who would understand her customers. “I made sure that the female employees are Saudi women because I believe in them and the nature of the shop requires them to be able to understand customers and help them get what they need as soon as possible,” she added.
Her formula seems to have worked, as when asked what reaction the store has had, she said: “We call ourselves happiness makers because the shop gives joy and pleasure to all customers. The children give the sweetest reactions when they enter the store with the smiles and expression of the parents, it really increases our enthusiasm to work.”
She attributes the success of the venture to the support she has had — from “my husband, children, family and others.”
She now hopes to expand the business to other cities.

Saudi crown prince sends letter of thanks to President Jinping after leaving China

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Saudi crown prince sends letter of thanks to President Jinping after leaving China

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman sent on Saturday a letter of thanks to Chinese President Xi Jinping, after leaving China and concluding his Asia tour.

In the letter, the crown prince expressed “gratitude and appreciation” for the Jinging’s hospitality during his visit with the Saudi delegation. 

Here is the letter in full:

His Excellency Mr. Xi Jinping

President of the People’s Republic of China

Warm greetings:

As I leave your friendly country, I would like to express to your Excellency my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the warm welcome and generous hospitality extended to me and my delegation.

We had constructive talks and I am sincerely looking forward to deepening cooperation and creating closer ties in all areas between our two countries, to evolve into strategic relations under the leadership of King Salman and your Excellency.

I wish your Excellency continued health and happiness and to your country and people more progress and development.

Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud