Meet the Dubai-based faux fur designer who dresses the who’s who of Hollywood

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Dubai-based designer Ollia Tzarina. (Instagram)
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Kylie Jenner (Instagram photo)
Updated 25 July 2018

Meet the Dubai-based faux fur designer who dresses the who’s who of Hollywood

DUBAI: With the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé wearing her designs, it is no wonder that Dubai-based designer Ollia Tzarina is turning heads in the fashion industry.

Greek-Russian Tzarina launched her brand, Tzarina By Ollia, in her bedroom in 2015 after failing to find a fur coat in a particular shade. Instead of giving up, the up-and-coming designer decided to launch her own brand that specializes in offering faux fur coats and gilets in more than 50 colors — from pastel shades to vibrant hues.

For her part, soon-to-be-billionaire make-up mogul and reality TV star Kylie Jenner chose a soft pink faux fur coat in 2017, launching Tzarina to international fame.

“I feel lucky! They have a very powerful social media presence, so for any start-up brand this is a dream come true and a fantastic platform for the brand to be promoted,” Tzarina said in a released statement about dressing Jenner and her famous sisters.

“I remember that moment when my team told me that Kylie wore the fur and obviously I got pretty excited because of the way she looked in it. It literally looked like a ready-made ad campaign after she posted the photo on her Instagram account. It made my day, or probably my year!”

Now that she’s successfully dressed one of the most talked about celebrities in the world, Tzarina says that her next goal is to dress Hollywood actress Megan Fox and, rather surprisingly, adds that she is keen to focus on the Middle Eastern market despite its soaring summer temperatures.

“The Middle East is one of my favorite markets to concentrate on,” she said, presumably in the hopes that her faux fur designs will be worn during the cooler winter months.

Tzarina also revealed a shocking fashion industry secret, saying: “A lot of the celebrities prefer to say they wear faux, but in reality it’s real. That’s a secret.”

Considering the well-documented abuse many animals endure for their fur, let’s hope this designer continues to impress the world’s fashion elite with her fabulous faux fur offerings. 

Princess Diana’s Bahrain outfit sells at auction

Updated 24 June 2019

Princess Diana’s Bahrain outfit sells at auction

  • The dress was designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel
  • Diana’s day wear is harder to fetch than her evening wear

DUBAI: A dress worn by Princess Diana during her visit to Gulf states in 1986 fetched $135,000 at an auction last week.

Sold as part of a trio of outfits at for a staggering $331,292, the blue-and-white dress was designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel and went under the hammer at Kerry Taylor Auctions.

“Diana’s day wear is much rarer than her evening wear, which she auctioned a huge tranche off in the late 1990s,” the auction house’s founder, Kerry Taylor, told the Daily Mail. “Day wear dresses she wore for more formal functions she either gave to friends or charity shops, so they have mostly disappeared.”

In November 1986, Princess Diana and Prince Charles paid a six-day visit to the Gulf states.