Saudi Arabia set for launch of labor courts

Ministry of Justice headquarters in Riyadh (SPA file photo)
Updated 05 August 2018

Saudi Arabia set for launch of labor courts

  • Labor courts will be connected to all government entities that deal with labor
  • There are around 10 million foreign and 3 million locals in Saudi Arabia

JEDDAH: The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development are completing final arrangements to launch labor courts and departments.
A joint team has been formed to complete arrangements to transfer jurisdiction of labor cases to the general judiciary.
Through this partnership, the Ministry of Justice said it aims to achieve judicial excellence in labor courts and departments.
This, it added, will positively affect the labor market, reduce the length of litigation and achieve digital integration in labor courts.
The team will complete the technical, organizational, judicial and administrative requirements for the launch. It will also identify and innovate performance indicators to ensure the smooth functioning of the partnership.
The forthcoming labor courts and departments will be one of the most important pillars in helping to raise the Kingdom’s classification in international indices, the Ministry of Justice said.
These courts aim to enhance investment opportunities in the Kingdom through the establishment of justice in the business sector.

Music blooms in Saudi Arabia's mountain resort city of Taif as rose ensemble takes a bow

Updated 19 min 17 sec ago

Music blooms in Saudi Arabia's mountain resort city of Taif as rose ensemble takes a bow

  • An orchestra of Ukrainian and Russian musicians performed enchanting symphonies by Mozart and Beethoven at the Ward (Rose) Village
  • The month-long Taif Season festival highlights the city as a leading Arab tourist destination

TAIF: Hanging from suspended imitation rose flowers and dressed in white, an orchestra of Ukrainian and Russian musicians performed enchanting symphonies by Mozart and Beethoven at the Ward (Rose) Village in Taif’s Arrudaf Park as part of Taif Season.

The month-long Taif Season will run during August with more than 70 quality events designed to highlight the city as a popular Arab resort and leading Arab tourist destination.

Female musicians in the orchestra played from a height of seven meters, delighting large crowds with a spectacular performance of well-known symphonies.

Mashaal Al-Rashid, head of the company organizing the Rose Village Festival, told Arab News that the name ‘Rose Village’ was chosen in recognition of the importance of rose as the icon of Taif.

“The festival’s content was elaborated, and all the activities and events organized so as to promote the value, and the social and economic significance of Taif’s roses,” he said.

Al-Rashid said that the hanging roses orchestra was inspired by the beauty of Taif’s mountains and their startling roses. 

“Each flower carries a musician holding her instrument, delivering a breathtaking performance and an enjoyable experience,” he said.

The orchestra includes musicians from several countries who were selected after delivering string performances in various world capitals.

 Dr. Nayef Al-Buraq, dean of Taif University’s College of Arts, said that Taif’s character is based on its culture and location.

“It is a cultural tourist icon that evolves year after year to keep pace with the national Vision 2030, with events that attract visitors from around the world,” he said.

“The programs aims to promote quality of life, reflected through the joyful Taif Season that paints a bright picture of Saudi creativity,” said Al-Buraq.

He said that the challenges faced in preparing for this season included developing quality academic programs, highlighting popular arts, and attracting Arab, Saudi and international creative involvement.

“These challenges highlight the leading role played by the Kingdom’s government in catering for culture and arts, and turning this festival into a tourist and cultural event throughout the year,” he said.

Festival visitor Omar Al-Khalidi said that the event offers musical attractions and cultural arts that have long been absent from Taif.

“Everyone knows that Taif is the city of arts and culture, and the first Saudi city to host a movie theater. Arrudaf Park was the scene for concerts for well-known artists such as Abdullah Mohammed, Mohammed Abdu, Talal Maddah and many other Arab talents,” he said.