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A pearl encased in an oyster plucked from the ocean bed near one of the 131 bespoke Floating Seahorse homes that will built in the Heart of Europe. (AN photo by Issa Alkindi)
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The Sweden Beach Palace properties have been designed as second homes; Dubai’s first purpose-built luxury area for UAE residents to own a holiday property in their own country, instead of jetting to the Maldives, Mauritius or the Seychelles. (AN photo by Issa Alkindi)
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There will be nine luxurious palaces, plus one super-sized version, set in the beautifully landscaped, lush green surroundings of Sweden Island. Each property will have its own private section of beach, and unique to the palaces, a fully-owned piece of the marine area plot, including a private coral reef. Stretching out from the terrace is a 115 square-meter (sqm) infinity pool, with separate plunge pool and outdoor Jacuzzi/whirlpool. (AN photo by Issa Alkindi)
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The pièce de résistance of the opulent Sweden Beach Palace is a 570-sqm roof floor, with 360-degree views of the Heart of Europe, the Arabian Gulf and the twinkling skyline and coast of Dubai. The roof itself has been designed to mimic the upturned hull of a Viking boat, harking back to the roots of Sweden and its heritage. Residents and their guests may even head higher, where there is a 75-sqm open-air rooftop lounge terrace, ideal for stargazing and watching the world go by. (AN photo by Issa Alkindi)
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The first Sweden Beach Palace features seven plush bedrooms, each with its own en-suite bathroom. Five of the palaces will be fitted out with Bentley Home interiors, while the remaining properties will be bespoke to the individual owners. (AN photo by Issa Alkindi)
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A lounging area inside the opulent Sweden Beach Palace, the inside of which features an entire floor dedicated to guests, including plush rooms encouraging natural light and panoramic vistas. (AN photo by Issa Alkindi)
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A miniature snapshot of what the Heart of Europe project will look like from a bird’s-eye view upon completion. The ambitious project is slated to be finished in two years time, ahead of Dubai Expo 2020. (AN photo by Issa Alkindi)
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One of seven plush bedrooms decorated by Bentley Home interiors inside the Sweden Beach Palace, which can be yours for a mere Dh100million. (AN photo by Issa Alkindi)
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Developer Joseph Kleindienst, chairman of the Kleindienst Group, said wealthy buyers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are among the most prominent investors in the Heart of Europe project, an island destination comprising opulent palaces, island villas and 13 luxury hotels stretching across six small islands. (AN photo by Issa Alkindi)
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A pearl encased in an oyster plucked from the ocean bed near one of the 131 bespoke Floating Seahorse homes that will built in the Heart of Europe. (AN photo by Issa Alkindi)
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The bespoke Floating Seahorse floating homes, which come in one-, two-, three- or four-bed options, featuring an underground bathroom and bedroom which allows dwellers to sleep with just a pane of glass separating them from hundreds of fishes and an abundance of coral and marine life. (AN photo by Issa Alkindi)
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The first prototype of the iconic Floating Seahorse vessel sits in the Arabian Gulf waters amidst the as-yet undeveloped islands that will form the completed Heart of Europe project. (AN photo by Issa Alkindi)
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The Floating Seahorse homes also feature an underground bathroom. Figures from April show that about 40 per cent of the buyers for the floating vessels so far have been from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (AN photo by Issa Alkindi)
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The outdoor relaxation area at one of the Heart of Europe’s Floating Seahorse vessels, which come with a price tag of Dh16million. Of the 131 vessels for sale, 60 have already been snapped up. (AN photo by Issa Alkindi)
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The master floor incorporates the master bedroom, which has a freestanding bath made from a single piece of Italian marble. A supersize dressing room, with finely-finished wardrobes, leads from the en-suite bathroom, featuring waterfall rain experience showers and a large multi-jet Jacuzzi. (AN photo by Issa Alkindi)
Updated 14 August 2018

A first look at The World’s island residences off Dubai

The World archipelago is taking shape off the emirate, where Saudis are reportedly the most prominent buyers of its first residences in the Heart of Europe, as well as the first underwater floating villas in the (actual) world, otherwise known as the Floating Seahorse homes. Arab News got a tour of Sweden Island on Monday, where the first palace, with its own underground snow room, natch, has been completed. And yes, we can confirm, the Floating Seahorse actually exists.

(Words by Jennifer Bell; photos by Issa Alkindi​/Arab News)