Where We Are Going Today: Lion’s Share

Updated 24 August 2018

Where We Are Going Today: Lion’s Share

Lion’s Share is a healthy food supplier and health and fitness fanatics in Jeddah are frequently seen purchasing their ready prepared macro-calculated meals there.
Located in Al-Nahda and Al-Tahlia districts , it offers a wide menu selection and a subscription of a month up to a year with a delivery service. I personally subscribed to their service, and found it to be very convenient.
I am presented with different meals every day, which makes adopting a healthier lifestyle easier to achieve. The nutritional value is shown in the box; (calories, protein, carbohydrates, fats), which has helped me stay on track.
The meals of the day are delivered to your doorstep, and all you have to do is heat it up in a microwave. Their services help those with busy schedules and offer various healthy options.
They also offer healthy snacks and various protein bars that are popular after a workout.

Startup of the Week: ‘What comes naturally: Organic soaps head to Jeddah’

Updated 22 July 2019

Startup of the Week: ‘What comes naturally: Organic soaps head to Jeddah’

  • The brand offers 100 percent organic products

Organic skincare methods have always proven reliable. Lora, an organic skincare business established by 33-year-old Saudi entrepreneur Hashim Al-Shawi in 2016, understood that although globally many skincare brands have embraced this knowledge, in the Kingdom, there were relatively few.

Al-Shawi, who spent three years in the US, decided to exploit the gap in the market, while creating dream jobs for many of his Saudi contemporaries.

The brand offers 100 percent organic products, including natural soaps made with essence of lavender, olive oil, oud, rose and musk, peels, creams, scrubs and shea butter products.

“Natural oils are the main component in all of our products, which adds quality,” Al-Shawi told Arab News.

“Lora is all about what’s being produced cleanly from the earth delivered to your hands. It is all handmade, and gentle on your skin. We use carefully chosen natural ingredients ready to make you fall in love with them.”

He explained that “Lora” in Arabic means the heart of the bay tree. “This name is used in many cultures, such as Persian and Arab cultures and some cultures in Africa, to symbolize the rose and the female form alike.”

He encourages people to use organic skincare products instead of commercial ones.

“Natural soaps are best used, because we are dealing with skin, the largest organ in the human body which protects us. I encourage the use of organic skincare products to benefit it.”

Lora is working to open a new store in Jeddah in a few months. Customers can place their orders through the shop’s Instagram account (@loragoskin)