What We Are Reading Today: Live Long and Evolve, by Mohamed A. F. Noor

Updated 24 August 2018

What We Are Reading Today: Live Long and Evolve, by Mohamed A. F. Noor

In Star Trek, crew members travel to unusual planets, meet diverse beings, and encounter unique civilizations. Throughout these remarkable space adventures, does Star Trek reflect biology and evolution as we know it? What can the science in the science fiction of Star Trek teach us? In Live Long and Evolve, biologist and die-hard Trekkie Mohamed Noor takes readers on a fun, fact-filled scientific journey.

Noor offers Trekkies, science-fiction fans, and anyone curious about how life works a cosmic gateway into introductory biology, including the definitions and origins of life, DNA, reproduction, and evolutionary processes, such as natural selection and genetic drift.

 For instance, he shows how the rapid change in a population of nanite robots follows basic principles of natural selection that apply to species on Earth. He explains how certain creatures depicted in the series are bisexual, not asexual, and what evolutionary advantage that difference provides. And he considers factors that affect successful interspecies mating and delves into what keeps species distinct. Noor discusses the importance of research and how Star Trek has influenced scientists to engage in cutting-edge work.

Giving readers irresistible and entertaining insights, Live Long and Evolve looks at some of the powerful science behind one of the most popular and longest-running science-fiction series.

MUSE: Life lessons from inspirational women — DaniLeigh

DaniLeigh performing earlier this year. (AFP)
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MUSE: Life lessons from inspirational women — DaniLeigh

  • DaniLeigh performed at Sole DXB 2018 as her GCC debut
  • Here she talks adventure, inspirations and being unlucky in love

DUBAI: The Florida-born Dominican singer performs for Puma at Sole DXB on Friday, December 7, in her GCC debut. She first emerged on the scene as a dancer, and directed the “Breakfast Can Wait” video for Prince when she was just 18 years old. Her latest single, “Lil Bebe,” dropped in October and the official video has already racked up nearly 5.5 million views on YouTube. Here she talks adventure, inspirations and being unlucky in love.

I love that music lets me travel the world and see different cultures. And learn more about music. As I started gaining fans, and receiving messages from young girls saying my music changed their lives, that’s just inspired me further.

One of the biggest influences on my life is Tuo Clark, my A&R at (record label) Def Jam. He’s given me confidence as an artist to grow in my songwriting and in my business dealings.

I really admire Drake. I believe he’s so smart as an artist and as a businessman. The way he cultivates with culture and continues to be relevant.

Apart from music, I enjoy adventure. I enjoy being in the water. I enjoy seeing beautiful landscapes. I fine that brings me peace of mind.

Because a lot of people just found out about me, I think they have this misconception that I just popped up out of nowhere. But I’ve been working hard to get to this place in my career since I was 16 years old. I’m really proud of getting the recognition that I feel I deserve, and knowing that my fans react to my music.

Even though my career’s going well, I’ve had the worst luck with my love life. I’ve been in a few relationships and ended up always losing in the end. I deal with it by writing about it in my music though.

I think men need to learn how to value women properly. I believe women are more nurturing and more considerate. Men need to learn that.

I have no regrets. I feel everything I’ve done that might not have been right was always a lesson and helped me grow.