Light expo attracts European manufacturers

Light Middle East 2018 will feature more than 340 exhibitors from 25 countries.
Updated 25 August 2018

Light expo attracts European manufacturers

European manufacturers will be out in full force at the Middle East’s premier lighting exhibition in Dubai next month, with their latest innovative products in tow, from solar-powered smart street lamps, to modular LEDs designed for high-rise urban greenhouses.

Light Middle East 2018 will feature more than 340 exhibitors from 25 countries when the three-day event opens for the 13th time from Sept. 23-25 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center.

More than 70 of these will hail from Europe, many of which are standalone exhibitors, while others will be part of dedicated country pavilions from Italy, Spain, Turkey, France, the UK and Germany.

The finest in European technology is expected to be on display for regional trade buyers, architects, lighting designers, consultants, engineers, and end-users, with leading brands sharing their visions of what the regional urban lighting landscape may look like in the future. 

German-headquartered BJB provides a prime example of Light Middle East 2018 exhibitors with an eye for a bold new future. Along with its standard product line of single-row optics and COB connectors, BJB will look to make a splash with its Urban Farming LED modules, designed to help grow fruits and vegetables in city “farmscrapers.”

The launch of the energy-efficient light-emitting diode comes after the announcement that Dubai will be home to the world’s largest vertical farm, and will be welcomed by consultants working on the $40 million project, which is slated to be completed by the end of 2019.

Kathrin Fielitz, business development manager for urban farming at BJB, said lighting is key to success of indoor farms. “For photosynthesis and therefore biomass production, plants only use certain components of the natural light spectrum — mainly red and blue,” said Fielitz.

“The right spectrum and the right amount of light for the plants, as well as the efficiency of the lighting system, play a highly important role to make indoor farming a viable business.”

Lamborghini wows luxury car show in Jeddah

Updated 24 March 2019

Lamborghini wows luxury car show in Jeddah

Lamborghini Saudi Arabia participated in the EXCS International Luxury Motor Show, which was held in Jeddah March 14-17.
Wayne Banoub, COO of Samaco Automotive Company, the exclusive dealer of Lamborghini in the Kingdom, said: “Lamborghini cars are known worldwide as one of the most sophisticated cars, this famous brand has wide recognition in Saudi Arabia in particular and in the region in general; in view of its deep roots, elegance and development, it is one of the first luxury car brands that appeared in the Saudi market.”
Banoub said Lamborghini’s sales have doubled in Saudi Arabia since Samaco acquired its distribution rights last year.
“Over the years, this brand has played hard to fortify its place in the market and achieve a substantial portion in the market of luxury sports cars. Since Samaco got its dealership in Saudi Arabia, its sales have doubled and even exceeded our quota.”
Launched in 2018, the Urus is the world’s first sport SUV, delivering best-in-class lightweight technologies, with innovation in design and engineering.
The Urus features a 4.0 liter V8 twin-turbo engine delivering 650 hp at 6,000 rpm, maximum 6,800 rpm, and 850 Nm of maximum torque already at 2,250 rpm. With 162.7 hp/l, the Urus claims one of the highest power outputs in its class and the best weight-to-power ratio.
Claimed as the Nürburgring-Nordschleife production car record holder, completing a 20.6 km lap in just 6:44.97 minutes, the Aventador SVJ is fitted with a naturally aspirated V12 engine which produces 770 HP and torque of 720 Nm partied with a 7-speed automatic transmission model ISR.
The Aventador SVJ is designed to achieve high performance and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/hour in 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 350 km/hour. The car is limited to 900 production units only.
The 12th edition of EXCS was held amid intense competition in the Saudi luxury car sector. The motor show provides a platform for luxury car companies and dealers in Saudi Arabia to showcase the latest models that arrived in the Kingdom during the year.
The luxury car sector is one of the fastest growing sectors of the automotive industry in Saudi Arabia, thanks to the increasing demand for this category of vehicles.
Lamborghini Car Owners Club organized a visit for a number of the club members to Lamborghini’s pavilion at the International Luxury Motor Show, where they interacted with other visitors, discussing the many features of Lamborghini cars.