Arab coalition’s peace efforts in Yemen appreciated

Fighters from the Popular Resistance Committees, supporting forces loyal to Yemen's Saudi-backed President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, perform maneuvers during a graduation ceremony in the southern city of Taiz on August 17, 2018. (AFP / AHMAD AL-BASHA)
Updated 27 August 2018

Arab coalition’s peace efforts in Yemen appreciated

RIYADH: Al-Bayda Gov. Maj. Gen. Nasser Al-Khader Al-Sawadi praised the role of the Arab Alliance in supporting the Yemeni National Army on various fronts.

He made the remarks during a visit to the province’s Al-Malajim frontier, according to sources.

Separately, a senior Al-Qaeda leader was killed in Yemen’s central province of Marib while fighting alongside the government forces battling the Houthi militia, officials and tribal leaders said Saturday.

Ghalib Al-Zaidi’s death came a week ago in an exchange of fire during clashes in the Sirwah district of Marib, they said. 

The officials and elders told said Al-Zaidi had dozens of Al-Qaeda operatives under his command and had taken part in several battles against the Houthis in the province. 

In 2017, Al-Zaidi was placed on the UN Security Council’s sanctions list as a Yemen-based individual “who acts for or on behalf of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.” 

The UN found him to be providing the Yemeni affiliate of the global terror network with weapons, funding, and recruits. 

Al-Zaidi was also found to have helped Al-Qaeda to expand its control in parts of Marib.  


Saudi ambassador to US: Establishing peace is one of the pillars of Kingdom’s foreign policy

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Saudi ambassador to US: Establishing peace is one of the pillars of Kingdom’s foreign policy

Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States, Prince Khalid bin Salman, said the signing of the peace agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea is part of the kingdom’s foreign policy in establishing peace and stability.

“The Kingdom has always been the cornerstone of peace in the region and the world, and has spared no effort in many countries, foremost among them Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan and many others,” the ambassador said.

“As some countries begin to cultivate sectarian divisions, the kingdom seeks to resolve their disputes,” he added.

He expressed his thanks to the UAE in their efforts in the signing of the peace deal between the two countries.

The ambassador pointed out that the security of the Red Sea, especially the Bab Al Mandab Strait and the Horn of Africa, is one of the Kingdom’s security concerns, regionally and globally.

The ambassador stressed the Kingdom’s continued efforts to preserve security in this region from external threats, including Iranian-backed militias as well as piracy.