Permanent exhibition of Saudi Border Guards’ work opened

Awwad Eid Al-Balawi, director-general of the Saudi Border Guards, visits the National Committee for Narcotics Control headquarters in Riyadh. (SPA)
Updated 30 August 2018

Permanent exhibition of Saudi Border Guards’ work opened

JEDDAH: The Saudi Border Guards’ efforts to protect the Kingdom, eradicate illegal drug imports and arrest smugglers have been highlighted in a permanent exhibition at the National Committee for Narcotics Control headquarters.

Awwad Eid Al-Balawi, director-general of the Saudi Border Guards and a member of the national committee, opened the exhibition on Thursday.

Committee spokesman Bandar bin Abdullah Al-Rumaihi praised the Border Guards’ work and said visitors to the exhibition, including university and school students, will gain an insight into the formidable tasks facing the organization.

Security organizations have a major part to play in the renaissance and development of the Kingdom in different fields, he said.

The exhibition offers a guide to the Border Guards’ hi-tech equipment, including armored vehicles and thermal cameras used to trap smugglers, as well as information sections on drugs and future projects. 

Photographs of Border Guards officers who lost their lives protecting the country are also displayed.

The exhibition also focuses on the organization’s sea search and rescue operations, and programs the directorate is working on to achieve future goals.

After opening the exhibition, Al-Balawi and his delegation visited the National Center of Drug Addiction Consultations and the electronic surveillance radar Manar. 

Al-Balawi also met with the secretary-general and leaders of the two organizations to discuss joint cooperation to eradicate illegal drugs.

Jeddah Season provides seasonal employment for young Saudis

Updated 18 June 2019

Jeddah Season provides seasonal employment for young Saudis

JEDDAH: The Jeddah Season festival has provided a wide range of seasonal employment opportunities for young Saudi men and women, helping them gain experience and prepare them to enter the job market.

More than 5,000 young Saudis are working around the clock, each in his or her field, to manage the festival’s activities.

The festival aims to highlight development opportunities in Saudi Arabia, introduce the Kingdom as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, support the government’s efforts to empower Saudi youths, support local small and medium enterprises, develop Jeddah’s tourism sector and provide volunteer opportunities.

Jeddah Season, which began on June 8 and runs until July 18, has attracted thousands of visitors of all ages through its 150 local and international events and activities.

It is being held at five sites: King Abdullah Sports City, Al-Hamra Corniche, the Jeddah Waterfront, Obhur and Historic Jeddah (Al-Balad), which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Jeddah Season offers a wide range of tourism, entertainment and cultural events and activities, and sheds light on the city’s status as the Kingdom’s tourism capital. Most of its events are being held for the first time in Saudi Arabia.

Jeddah Season is in line with the Vision 2030 reform plan, which aims to advance the welfare of Saudi society, diversify local development opportunities, improve the Kingdom’s contribution to arts and culture, and create job opportunities for Saudi youths.