Saad Silawi: A true humanitarian

Saad, with his son, Seri, and his wife Rawabi. (Facebook)
Updated 04 September 2018

Saad Silawi: A true humanitarian

AMMAN: I worked with Saad Al-Silawi for 19 years, first at MBC and later the Al Arabiya News Channel. He was one of the most generous people I have met.

Those who were around him would also remember Saad as a selfless person; sometimes, he forgot himself to help others.

My first interaction with him was in June 2001, right after I conducted an interview with Osama bin Laden.

The recorded tapes of the interview had to be sent to MBC headquarters in London and at that time I did not have a visa to travel to the UK.

Saad flew from Jordon to Karachi where I met him at the airport to give him the tapes. That was my first direct interaction with him.

He didn’t miss the chance for humor about the interview, and how we might be chased by the intelligence agencies because he traveled to Karachi to carry the tapes.

Later, when I was taken hostage for 18 months by the Abu Sayyaf Group in the southern Philippines while on a reporting assignment, Saad was one of those who tried their best to help me. 

He stayed in touch with MBC Group and with government agencies in Jordan to help secure my release.

Saad was the first person who received me when I landed in Amman after my release from my captors. He was waiting right next to the plane.

He never lost his smile, and his signature sense of humor. He was a true humanitarian. 

Even when he was fighting cancer and faced multiple health issues, he was always still available. 

We have lost Saad, the friend that you look for when you need help, the colleague whose experience you learn from, and the beautiful human being who dedicated himself to others. May his soul rest in peace.

Arab News launches ‘Road to 2030’ section to track Saudi Arabia’s bold reforms

Illustration by Steve Scott for Arab News
Updated 34 min 47 sec ago

Arab News launches ‘Road to 2030’ section to track Saudi Arabia’s bold reforms

  • Section to provide news, opinion and analysis on country’s transformation
  • Newspaper’s National Day coverage looks ahead to 
Kingdom’s high-tech future

RIYADH: Arab News, the Middle East’s leading English-language daily, today announces the launch of a digital service to track and explain the ambitious reforms underway in Saudi Arabia.
Announced on the eve of Saudi National Day, the new “Road to 2030” section will include the latest news, analysis and opinion around the reforms and transformation underway in the Kingdom.
Hosted on the paper’s website, the section  — —  is named after the Vision 2030 program unveiled in 2016 by HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is the Kingdom’s heir to the throne. 
It coincides with Arab News’ special coverage of Saudi National Day, which marks the formation of the Kingdom on Sept. 23, 1932.

The theme of the souvenir edition, published on Sunday, will be around the future of the Kingdom —  and how the country will look as the 2030 reforms continue to take shape. 
The edition of the newspaper features a unique wrap-around cover illustrating how the country could look in 12 years’ time, as well as a timeline about the reforms and articles about their progress and young people’s views on the future of Saudi Arabia. 
 “We decided to not to limit our Saudi National Day to celebrating the Kingdom’s past —  but to also look ahead to its bright and promising future under the ambitious Vision 2030 plan,” said Faisal J. Abbas, Editor-in-Chief of Arab News.  
“This is reflected via the newspaper’s commissioned cover artwork, which imagines Saudi Arabia in 12 years’ time, as well as the stories by our promising team of young Saudi journalists and contributors. 
“We are also proud to launch the Road to 2030 section, which will track the changes underway in the Kingdom and be a reference for observers, visitors and investors in Saudi Arabia.”
Arab News is part of the regional publishing giant Saudi Research and Marketing Group (SRMG). It has been the English newspaper of record for Saudi Arabia and the region for over 40 years.