The art behind GMC’s signature lighting

The GMC Yukon Denali.
Updated 04 September 2018

The art behind GMC’s signature lighting

From roof rails to rocker sills, from grille to gate — and everything in between, every GMC has been crafted to be a holistic design that expresses precision. However, according to the automaker, if any one particular element were to best reflect the GMC’s attention to artistic detail and craftsmanship, it would be its exterior lighting, with the C-shape graphic that has complemented the signature professional grade design cues of GMC models-introduced in 2012. 

Decades ago, headlamps and tail lamps were usually simple, fixed forms that vehicle shapes had to be designed around. Today, these lamps are an integral part of the initial design process for a vehicle and also play a significant role in shaping the exterior surfacing for GMC SUVs and trucks. To achieve this, GMC’s lighting design team gets involved with projects at a very advanced stage, working in close collaboration with the exterior and interior design studios. 

“Automotive lamps used to be an afterthought; yet, that couldn’t be further from the truth today,” said Addam Ebel, GMC lighting studio design lead. “We are always looking at and working with new technologies and innovative ways to further elevate our craft. Whatever we produce further down the road, will be at a level beyond the high standards GMC has already established today.”

The company said a perfect example of this synergy between design teams is reflected through the 2018 Terrain and its bold exterior design, which represents has “the next chapter of GMC’s design language, evolving the brand’s signature cues with stronger elements including dramatic headlamps sculpted around the illuminated C-shaped signature lighting.” 

Creating these lamps is an art form — a process of precision that mirrors the level of execution expected throughout a GMC.

Although models like the GMC Terrain and Acadia have helped advance GMC’s lighting designs, advanced lighting technology has been key in shaping the 2019 Sierra as well. New “light blade” signature lighting elements within Sierra Denali’s headlamps help accentuate the pickup truck’s exterior design, providing a distinctive appearance no matter the time of day.

Sajed Sbeih, head of brand, GMC Middle East, said: “We have always put in efforts to further innovate and upgrade our product offerings with unique features that our customers expect in terms of technologies, functionality, safety and most importantly design. With a bold Denali grille and C-shaped LED signature lighting, GMC vehicles have been distinctive for some time and underwent a thorough rethought and reshaping process to complement the future of GMC and the brand’s professional grade.”

The lamps themselves are almost miniaturized multimedia art installations, a mixture of sculpted and machined elements, jeweled lenses, projectors, and advanced technology.

ICD, BBI launch global private sector platform

The agreement was signed by Ayman Sejiny, CEO of ICD, and Amer Bukvic, CEO of BBI, on Wednesday at the ICD’s headquarters in Jeddah.
Updated 19 May 2019

ICD, BBI launch global private sector platform

The Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) and Bosna Bank International (BBI) signed a memorandum of understanding on May 16 in Jeddah. The MoU is related to a new initiative — the Global Platform for Private Sector — where the two institutions and community of like-minded financial entities can collaborate on business opportunities, exchanging market intelligence and laying a foundation for actual financial transactions within the member countries and across borders.
The signing ceremony took place in ICD’s headquarters in Jeddah and the document was signed by Ayman Sejiny, CEO of ICD, and Amer Bukvic, CEO of BBI.
Sejiny said: “ICD takes the lead in launching such a platform network to demonstrate productive applications of fintech in modern global business affairs, to help reduce financial transaction costs for its member banks, leasing companies and micro-finance institutions and to upgrade the advisory services that ICD offers to its partners across the Islamic developmental network.”
Bukvic added: “We welcome the initiative and we’re happy to be among the first entities to sign the MoU with ICD. Such a platform would open opportunities for Bosnia and Herzegovina, BBI bank and other partners once implemented, and will most certainly facilitate investment across borders. This will extend our efforts already expressed by organizing international events in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, such as the Sarajevo Business Forum and the Sarajevo Halal Fair.”


Bosna Bank International (BBI) d.d. Sarajevo is the first bank, both in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Southeast Europe, to operate in accordance with Islamic finance principles. BBI offers several types of financial services to retail and corporate clients through its business based on ethical principles and partnership. Shariah compliance is ensured by the BBI Shariah board with members of this board being prestigious local and international experts.
The Global Platform for Private Sector will be a cloud-based, next-generation, full-featured networking and fulfillment platform hosted by ICD for the benefit of its network of 88 financial institutions and 12 leasing companies worldwide. One major goal of this online platform is the sharing of investment, advisory, sukuk, financing and other deals in an environment of common Islamic values.
ICD is a multilateral development financial institution and is part of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Group. It was established in November 1999 to support the economic development of its member countries through the provision of finance for private sector projects, promoting competition and entrepreneurship, providing advisory services to the governments and private companies and encouraging cross-border investments.
ICD has an authorized capital of $4 billion. Currently, the shareholders of ICD are the IsDB, 54 Islamic countries and five public financial institutions.


The Global Platform for Private Sector will be a cloud-based, next-generation, full-featured networking and fulfillment platform hosted by ICD for the benefit of its network of 88 financial institutions and 12 leasing companies worldwide.