Chopard collection celebrates women with a big heart

Nasiba Hafiz has been selected by Chopard to star in the new campaign.
Updated 10 September 2018

Chopard collection celebrates women with a big heart

Chopard is dedicating its new Happy Hearts collection to every woman with a big heart. 

The maison has chosen 10 talented Arab women to star in the Happy Hearts campaign, which is a celebration of local talents.

“The campaign takes us on a journey of passion, success and ambition through the voices of the region’s most affluent women in their own fields. Each one of these women represents the ‘Happy Hearts’ in their own special way, through their individual lives and careers guided by their heart. Their singular stories provide anchor points for moments of happiness by connecting them with persons and objects that evoke fond memories and connect them with the heart emblem,” Chopard said in a statement. 

Fitness trainer and interior designer Haya Sawan and designer Nasiba Hafiz are the inspirational women selected by Chopard from Saudi Arabia, in partnership with Attar United, the official owner of Chopard boutiques in the Kingdom.

“If I were to associate Chopard with a motif, it would be a big heart because there is a family behind it.” It is in these terms that Caroline Scheufele, co-president of Chopard, explained the importance of the values that have forged the reputation of the Geneva-based maison: Humanity, generosity and kindness.

SEDCO Holding reaches out to community

The first Volunteer Consultancy Day was held at SEDCO headquarters in Jeddah.
Updated 11 November 2018

SEDCO Holding reaches out to community

SEDCO Holding held its first Volunteer Consultancy Day at SEDCO headquarters in Jeddah as part of its “Volunteer Your Skill” program where employees donate some of their time to worthy causes and pro-bono work. 

Invited guests from startups attended specialized workshops and met with SEDCO employees who volunteered to provide insights and guidance in various fields including HR, legal, marketing, finance, IT and audit.

SEDCO Holding CEO Hasan Aljabri said: “One of the primary goals of Vision 2030 is to reach 1 million volunteers per year, and we are excited to be able to contribute to such a goal. Commitment to voluntary work is key to the success of our strategy as we seek to create value for our business, colleagues and community.” 

SEDCO Holding is promoting a culture of volunteering and charity work through various initiatives, realizing that volunteering helps create the right work-life balance and renders great services to the community. It is worth noting that the flagship program “Volunteer Your Skill” was named Best Sustainability Program of the Year by the prestigious Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards 2018.

SEDCO Holding Group is a private wealth management organization dating back over 40 years. As a Shariah-compliant investor, SEDCO Holding Group manages a wide and diversified spectrum of real estate investments, investments in equities, and other businesses in different sectors — including real estate, construction, tourism, hospitality, food and beverage, technology, petrochemicals, auto leasing, health care and education.