Saudi Cabinet approves SR8.5 billion plan to boost date and palm farmers

King Salman chairs the Cabinet session in Jeddah on Tuesday. (SPA)
Updated 26 September 2018

Saudi Cabinet approves SR8.5 billion plan to boost date and palm farmers

  • ‘Security, prosperity and national cohesion are among achievements to be proud of’
  • King Salman praised the accomplishments achieved by the late father founder King Abdul Aziz to unify the country and lay its foundations on the Holy Qur’an and the Prophetic Sunnah

JEDDAH: The Saudi Cabinet expressed its approval on Tuesday for a royal order establishing a rural development program for sustainable agriculture that will support and develop the dates and palms sector.

The program, backed with an initial capital outlay of SR1.5 billion and investment of more that SR7 billion over seven years, is an extension of the king’s care for Saudi farmers, the Cabinet said.

Chaired by the king at Al-Salam Palace in Jeddah, the meeting congratulated the king and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on the Kingdom’s 88th National Day.

Saudi Arabia enjoyed security, prosperity and national cohesion, and had pioneering roles at Arab, Islamic and international levels, ministers said.

King Salman praised the accomplishments of the founder, King Abdul Aziz, to unify the country and lay its foundations, and the achievements of his sons in continuing that progress. 

Achievements included the development of the Two Holy Mosques, serving their visitors, ensuring their comfort and helping all those in need with money and humanitarian aid and actively contributing to the consolidation of the bonds of security and stability around the world.

“I express my thanks and appreciation to the leaders and officials of countries and the Kingdom’s citizens for their congratulations and celebrations marking the Kingdom’s 88th National Day,” the king said. 

The Cabinet praised the royal order awarding 189 Defense Ministry officers, staff and non-commissioned officers medals for their duties and achievements in the service of the armed forces, as well as their roles in military operations in Yemen.

The Cabinet expressed its thanks to the king for ordering the release of all prisoners who are insolvent and not involved in criminal cases in the province of Taif, and the payment of the amounts they owed, based on the crown prince’s suggestion upon his visit to Taif.

The Cabinet commended the crown prince’s donation of SR10 million to Taif camel racecourse.

Saudi customs thwart smuggling attempts on buses transporting Umrah worshippers

Updated 19 May 2019

Saudi customs thwart smuggling attempts on buses transporting Umrah worshippers

RIYADH: The Halat Ammar Customs on the Kingdom’s northwestern border prevented two attempts to smuggle a quantity of 184,737 Fenethylline tablets, also known by the brand name of Captagon.
The pills were discovered hidden on two buses that were transporting passengers to the Kingdom’s holy sites.
Mohammed Qaisi, the customs general manager, said the first bus was carrying 47 passengers and after the customs procedures were finalized and the passengers were processed, a bag containing 100,000 tablets was found.
“The narcotics were hidden in an artistic way and were placed inside the bag’s lining,” he said.
Qaisi also said the second attempt was thwarted in a similar way. The other bus was transporting 31 passengers, on which a total of 84,737 Captagon pills were seized.
Saudi Arabia usually witnesses a rise of smuggling attempts during the Umrah and Hajj seasons, as they are exploited by smugglers trying to transport narcotics and other contraband. 
Saudi Customs said it is exerting great efforts and working with all its human and technical capabilities to prevent the entry of illegal substances.