TheFace: Ruthana Hadhrawi, Saudi entrepreneur

Ruthana Hadhrawi. (AN photo by Ziyad Alarfaj)
Updated 12 October 2018

TheFace: Ruthana Hadhrawi, Saudi entrepreneur

  • Hadhrawi is a founder and director of Tana’s Touch Tablescapes and Design
  • I’ve always believed that some of the great businesses are born from genuine passions: Hadhrawi

Ruthana Hadhrawi is a founder and director of Tana’s Touch Tablescapes and Design. It is a luxurious tabletop rentals and design company. The company offers all that is needed to equip a table for intimate dinner events, formal dinners, business meetings or even casual gatherings.

Hadhrawi holds a master’s degree in business administration from Alfaisal University, where she was honored with the title of “Top Team Leader in the Class of 2015” by the College of Business.

“I’ve always believed that some of the great businesses are born from genuine passions,” said Hadhrawi. “I have an inherent passion for warm, hospitable and welcoming table styling.

“It is known that the most outstanding feature of Arab society is the generosity and hospitality. We take hospitality very seriously, using every opportunity to honor our guests to the best of our abilities.”

As time passes in the fast-paced modern world, she said it was time to come up with a new way of practicing hospitality, one that honors and accommodates guests’ preferences while controlling portion sizes, hence reducing food waste.

“Therefore, to combine modernity and tradition, Tana’s Touch was created, where quality comes before quantity,” she said. “Creating memories rather than settings. Making the dining experience exceptional and extraordinary each time.

“This October, our message is ‘hope.’ We are lighting candles for hope and with a strong determination to raise the awareness and support for those currently fighting breast cancer.” 

Coordinated Arab efforts urged to overcome challenges

Updated 16 July 2019

Coordinated Arab efforts urged to overcome challenges

CAIRO: Dr. Khalid Al-Ghamdi, chairman of the Arab Media Standing Committee and general supervisor of foreign media at Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Media, called for coordinated Arab efforts to overcome regional challenges particularly the Palestinian issue and terrorism.
Al-Ghamdi was presiding over the committee’s 93rd session held at Arab League’s headquarters in Cairo on Sunday.
He said the meeting discussed a number of key issues including the Arab Media Charter of Honor. It was, Al-Ghamdi said, a continuation of previous meetings to discuss their outcomes and review the results in the light of proposals put forward by different member Arab countries.
The meeting was also attended by Arab League’s Assistant Secretary-General for Social Affairs Ambassador Badr El-Din Alali, Counselor Fawzi Al-Ghwail, director of the technical department of the Council of Arab Information Ministers, representatives of Arab member states, representatives of Arab information ministries and the heads of Arab media agencies and institutions.
Alali said the Palestinian question continues to remain the main issue in addition to the terrorist threats, sustainable development and the Arab image in the West.
“Implementing the Arab Media Strategy and improving media practices using the latest technologies is vital for media to effectively contributing to awareness programs and supporting the region’s vital issues.”
He said the inclusion of the Arab Media Charter of Honor and media education to the agenda is of great importance.
He also express resolve to counter the phenomenon of fake news and that the Arab media is serious about countering this problem.