Mideast to add 500 cinema screens in 3-5 years

Amer bin Ahmed
Updated 20 October 2018

Mideast to add 500 cinema screens in 3-5 years

The number of cinema screens is set to jump 38.4 percent to 1,800 in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in the next three to five years, up from 1,300 at present, according to a research by PricewaterhouseCooper (PWC), a professional services firm and the knowledge partner of the MENA Cinema Forum.

“There are around 1,300 cinema screens in the MENA region and the number is growing,” said Dr. Martin Berlin, partner and global deals real estate leader at PWC. “We expect 500 new cinema screens to be set up in the MENA region and the majority will be in Saudi Arabia.”

“The biggest opportunities will come from the opening of the Saudi market, followed by the opportunity from sophisticated pricing mechanisms where cinema operators offer price differentiations based on particular timings and days — to help increase box office revenues,” Dr. Berlin said.

The PWC research, to be released at the inaugural two-day MENA Cinema Forum from Oct. 28-29, will offer a detailed research on the current situation and future growth potential of the cinema industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Leila Masinaei, managing director of GM Events, organizer of the MENA Cinema Forum, said: “The 38.4 percent additional cinema screens will help the entertainment market to grow faster as additional capacities will be high enough to meet the growing demand that is expected to come from Saudi Arabian market.

“The recent liberalization and reform initiatives in Saudi Arabia have opened up a lot of opportunities for industry that will see the biggest boom in the entertainment and cinema industry. Saudi Arabia will soon emerge as the fastest growing market for entertainment.”

Knauf Middle East, a major player in the supply of cinema systems, is optimistic about the growing prospects of its business in the GCC.

“We have been very active doing major projects in Saudi Arabia for many years and are looking forward to bringing our expertise to the Kingdom,” said Amer bin Ahmed, managing director, Knauf, Middle East and India.

Landmark Arabia launches ‘Super Kidz’ initiative

The initiative spreads the message of healthy eating through two superhero characters — Super Sam and Super Sara.
Updated 20 November 2018

Landmark Arabia launches ‘Super Kidz’ initiative

Landmark Arabia, a retail and hospitality conglomerate in the region, has launched a nationwide initiative in Saudi Arabia titled “Super Kidz.” The initiative aims to encourage kids to eat healthy and adopt an active lifestyle, through an online creative contest. The contest is set to run throughout the month of November, to mark the diabetes awareness month. 

The “Super Kidz” initiative is part of the group’s global CSR initiative “Beat Diabetes,” to spread awareness about the condition. The initiative shows people that diabetes can be managed by taking three simple steps — Take the Test, Eat Healthy and Get Active. This is the 10th year of the “Beat Diabetes” initiative and the group aims to reach out to a large audience with the message of healthy living. 

The “Super Kidz” initiative spreads the message of healthy eating and active lifestyle for kids through two superhero characters — Super Sam and Super Sara. The characters have also been illustrated in two digital comic books that chronicle their adventures including their love for sports, reading, exercising and eating lots of healthy food. In the comics, the “Super Kidz” are seen to receive their superpowers from their healthy lifestyle habits.

During the initiative, kids will have the chance to participate in an online “Super Kidz Creative Contest,” which will include a drawing and a creative writing challenge. Children between the ages of four and six can submit a drawing showcasing ways of eating healthy or getting active, while children between the ages of seven and 10 are invited to submit their original stories in English or Arabic on the same topic of healthy living. The entries will be judged for age-appropriate creativity and originality. 

The winning drawing and story will be included in the next Super Kidz comic. In addition, the first-place winners from both categories will receive an iPad Pro, while the runners-up will receive an iPad. Every submission will get a certificate of participation. 

The World Health Organization recognizes childhood obesity as a significant challenge of the 21st century. Globally, in 2016 the number of overweight children under the age of five, was estimated to be over 41 million. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has also underlined the high prevalence of modifiable risk factors among Saudi youth, and further states that if current unhealthy habits are not reversed at a young age, the burden of disease and illness will rise in the future. 

Recognizing the alarming consequences of such findings, Landmark Arabia is committed to taking necessary steps to address and prevent a surge in the incidence of chronic lifestyle conditions.  

Entries can be submitted via the SuperKidz website: http://www.superkidz.me/sa/en