The Six: Frightening films to watch this Halloween

Watch a scary film this Halloween. (Shutterstock)
Updated 24 October 2018

The Six: Frightening films to watch this Halloween

DUBAI: Spooky season is upon us and with Halloween right around the corner, settle in and have a movie night with one of these horror films, including some creepy classics.

Devastated by the loss of her child, a brilliant criminal defense attorney takes on a case involving an old Moroccan legend of a vengeful spirit named “Kandisha.”

An Emirati couple start experiencing strange occurrences in their home. They come to find that their new apartment is built atop the home of malevolent beings.

A video blogger, Walid, returns to his Egyptian countryside home to document and explore the strange occurrences that have been disturbing his family.

‘The Pyramid’
An archaeological team discovers a unique pyramid that has been buried for thousands of years. They enter the tomb and are trapped, facing endless labyrinths and deadly predators.

‘ElFil Alazraq’
A psychological thriller about a psychotherapist, Dr.Yehya, who deals with the criminally insane and finds himself treating a friend. Over the course of the film, Dr.Yehya battles with his past and questions his own sanity.

‘Al-Ins Wa Al-Jinn’
A 1985 film about a spirit disguised as a human being working as a tour guide. He forces a woman who just returned back home from the US into marrying another spirit.


The Six : Oscar nominated films from the Middle East

Oscar nominated films from the Middle East. (Shutterstock)
Updated 23 January 2019

The Six : Oscar nominated films from the Middle East

DUBAI: Lebanese director Nadine Labaki’s “Capernaum” has been nominated for an Oscar, but it isn’t the only film from the region to be recognized by the academy over the years.

‘Battle of Algiers’
This Italian-Algerian film was nominated in two separate years — in 1967, for Best Foreign Language Film and in 1969 for its screenplay and director.

‘Paradise Now’
The 2005 Palestinian drama was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film award in 2006 and revolved around two childhood friends seeking to carry out suicide attacks in Tel Aviv.

‘Days of Glory’
Director Rachid Bouchareb led this old-fashioned World War II platoon movie that was nominated for an Oscar in 2007.

‘Outside the Law’
This 2010 Algerian war drama is a follow up to ‘Days of Glory’ and is set during the fight for Algerian independence. It was nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 2011.

‘Ave Maria’
This 2015 Palestinian film is a humorous look at an encounter between a Jewish family and Palestinian nuns in the West Bank. It was nominated in the Live-Action Short Films category in 2016.

‘The Insult’
Directed by Ziad Doueiri, the 2018 Best Foreign Language Film nominee revolved around the aftermath of a clash between a Palestinian refugee and a Lebanese Christian.