FaceOf: Saudi-American photographer Tasneem Alsultan

For Tasneem Alsultan, artistic photography has no limits
Updated 07 March 2019

FaceOf: Saudi-American photographer Tasneem Alsultan

Tasneem Alsultan is a Saudi-American photographer whose work is known for highlighting gender and social issues within Saudi Arabia.

On Thursday, Athr Gallery hosted the first Saudi edition of GPP Slidefest in Jeddah. The highly popular art slideshow format saw inspirational Saudi and regional artists and photographers display their latest creative works through intimate, personal, and powerful artistic narratives.

Alsultan has covered local art stories in Saudi Arabia for both Vanity Fair Italy and Vogue Italia, and her photography has been featured in publications such as the New York Times Lens Blog.

Tasneem Alsultan: Documenting change in Saudi Arabia

Alsultan’s art presentation was an unconventionally honest wedding-themed slideshow. Having photographed more than 120 weddings worldwide, she specializes in capturing what could only be described as the imperfectly perfect candid shots. In recent years, she has been selected by the British Journal of Photography as one of the 16 emerging photographers to watch.

Alsultan works as a freelance investigative writer and photographer in the Middle East for international media organizations. She works on hard news stories as well as longer features. She received her basic education in the UK. Later she received her bachelor’s degree from King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah. She also received a master’s degree in social linguistics and anthropology from Portland State University, US. 

She worked as a lecturer for some years in universities between Saudi Arabia and the US, and then ventured into photography, beginning her career as a wedding photographer.

Houthis threaten global energy security: Arab coalition

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Houthis threaten global energy security: Arab coalition

  • The Arab coalition denounced Saturday's attack on a Saudi Aramco gas plant
  • The Yemeni militant attack sparked a fire but caused no casualties or disruption to production

RIYADH: The Arab coalition fighting to restore the internationally recognized government in Yemen on Monday denounced a Houthi attack on a Saudi Aramco gas plant in Saudi Arabia.
The militants claimed 10 drones struck the Shaybah natural gas liquefaction plant near the border with the UAE on Saturday.
“The Houthi militia have endangered global energy security by targeting Shaybah oil field in Saudi Arabia,” spokesperson Col. Turki Al-Maliki said.
The militants, who are based in Yemen and backed by Iran, have used drones laden with explosives to target infrastructure in the Kingdom.
Speaking at a weekly press conference in Riyadh, Col. Al-Maliki said the that Houthi and Daesh militias are conducting simultaneous operations in Yemen, stressing that the Houthis, who sparked the Yemen war in 2014, continue to pose a clear threat in the southern Red Sea.
The coalition, which includes Saudi Arabia and the UAE, intervened in the Yemen conflict in 2015 to support forces loyal to the internationally recognized government after it was driven from the capital Sanaa by the Houthis.