Increased GCC applicants for Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards

Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards hosted a breakfast presentation for 200 students at Alfaisal University in Riyadh on Oct. 31.
Updated 06 November 2018

Increased GCC applicants for Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards

Cartier and Alfaisal University recently conducted a first-of-a-kind lecture and introduction to their women’s initiative to support women entrepreneurs at the university campus in Riyadh. This year’s Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards applications number over 2,800 worldwide, with the MENA region ranking first in terms of submissions. It is the first time the program has received applications from Saudi Arabia, which accounts for nearly a quarter of the region’s 895 candidacies. 

To further encourage the region’s female entrepreneurs, the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards hosted a breakfast presentation for 200 students at Alfaisal University in Riyadh on Oct. 31. The university’s students have singular opportunities for collaborative research and international study. Furthermore, student associations, clubs, and organizations provide opportunities for both personal and professional growth as the university seeks to graduate socially responsible global citizens that are committed to lifelong learning and personal development in service to others.

“We are very proud to be hosting this Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards presentation, which aims to raise awareness about the program among the country’s students and youth,” said Alban du Mesnil du Buisson, managing director, Cartier Saudi Arabia. 

Launched in 2006 to support for-profit startup projects by female entrepreneurs, the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards encourage bold ideas and creative excellence.

“Cartier has over the years cemented strong ties with the MENA region, and more specifically Saudi Arabia. We are delighted to see such significant increase in Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards candidates in our region,” said du Buisson.

Seema A. Khan, member of the advisory board for Alfaisal College of Business, was the opening key note speaker for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards launch in Saudi Arabia and was selected for her contributions to opening the door for minorities on Wall Street and Riyadh’s “Main Street.”

“Cartier is known for valuing the contribution of their people and other cultures as a magical mix that results in beautiful works of arts. This initiative is bringing their appreciation of value to the market in general by profiling women globally who drive real impact in their communities and markets,” Khan said.

She is a partner of The Seed Advisory Group, a New York-based global strategy firm.

“Building projects that go beyond the fleeting fashions of the day is at the core of Cartier’s values, which is why promoting impact-driven businesses through such programs as Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards is indispensable. It is part of who we are and what we strive for,” added Sophie Doireau, managing director, Cartier UAE and India. 

Pharmaceutical giant Allergan to train KSU pharmacy students

Updated 23 April 2019

Pharmaceutical giant Allergan to train KSU pharmacy students

Global biopharmaceutical company Allergan has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with King Saud University (KSU) that focuses on developing a robust student-exchange program by facilitating training opportunities for Saudi nationals.

The agreement was signed by Ramsey Morad, Allergan’s vice president for India, Middle East and Africa, and Dr. Aws Al-Shamsan, dean of the College of Pharmacy at the university. The MoU is in line with the Kingdom’s overall efforts to drive more cooperation levels between the public and private sectors, with the underlying objective to integrate Saudi nationals into various fields within the health-care sector.

Under the agreement, Allergan will provide training courses on an annual basis for students at the College of Pharmacy as well as programs to develop their scientific and medical knowledge and align them to international industry best practices. Students will be assessed according to set parameters, and the top performers will earn an internship opportunity with the company

In addition, Allergan will run courses for faculty members at the College of Pharmacy with a focus on leadership skills.

Morad said: “We have used practical methods to express our commitment toward the Kingdom and toward the realization of Vision 2030. We are placing a very high emphasis on developing the local capabilities of Saudi nationals within the health-care sector, and this partnership with a leading university in the region is one of the steps we are taking. Saudi Arabia is at the heart of our operations in the region, and this MoU represents a key milestone in our efforts to attract the young minds of tomorrow and integrate them as core members of our Allergan team.” 

Al-Shamsan said: “We are proud to partner with Allergan to implement internationally recognized knowledge-based programs for the development of our students. With this MoU, we are focusing on the enhancement and development of the pharmaceutical sector across the Kingdom. We are guided by the mission to provide students experiences to learn from international best practices and, at the same time, work toward the improvement of the quality of the pharmaceutical sector in the Kingdom.”

Allergan said it is committed to a wide range of programs with health-care professionals, patients and national entities across the Kingdom. The company’s investments through its joint venture, Allergan Saudi Arabia, include the development of medical training centers focused on training health-care professionals in medical aesthetics.