The Six: The Louvre Abu Dhabi’s anniversary celebrations

Louvre Abu Dhabi. (Shutterstock)
Updated 07 November 2018

The Six: The Louvre Abu Dhabi’s anniversary celebrations

DUBAI:The Louvre Abu Dhabi is celebrating it’s first anniversary with pop ups and a certain pop star.

Dua Lipa concert
The British singer is set to perform at the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s concert village on Nov. 11. The “One Kiss” singer last performed in Abu Dhabi in February.

Spoken Art
From Nov. 9 – 10, a series of pop-up performances titled “Spoken Art,” directed by Dorian Paul Rogers, will see seven spoken-word poets perform from across the museum, from the permanent galleries to under the famous, intricate dome.

From Nov. 6 -18, Emirati interdisciplinary designer Salem Al-Mansoori’s animated digital work will be on show in the museum’s entrance lobby. His work, “Constellations,” reflects data about the museum’s visitors collected throughout its first year.

Pop-up architecture weekend
The pop-up architecture weekend, from Nov. 9-10, will host free workshops where participants will build constructions inspired by the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s dome using large scale geometric shapes.

Manga Lab
Running until Jan. 5, this area features retro arcade video games and explores the and influences of traditional Japanese art on modern day manga and anime.

Japanese Connections: The Birth of Modern Décor
The exhibition showcasing 19th and 20th century Japanese paintings, prints and folding screens will run until Nov. 24.


K-pop fans call for a BTS show in the UAE

The hashtag #UAEwantsBTS kicked off in the UAE. (AFP)
Updated 17 July 2019

K-pop fans call for a BTS show in the UAE

DUBAI: Fans of K-pop band BTS have taken to Twitter to call on the superstars to perform in the UAE.

This was after the singers confirmed on Sunday that they will be performing in Saudi Arabia for the first time in October, just days after another K-pop group debuted in the Kingdom.

The hashtag #UAEwantsBTS kicked off in the UAE, started by fans who hope to get the band to perform in the country.

The tweets even caught the attention of the Middle East’s largest multi-purpose indoor showground, the Coca-Cola Arena.The arena’s twitter account posted: “We’ve received all your requests and trust us, we want #kpopinuae too! Your enthusiasm continues to inspire us and we’re working to bring the best to Coca-Cola Arena!”

The members, with three albums ranked among the best 200 in the US, previously performed at KCON Abu Dhabi in 2016.