Watch out for Wazen: Lebanese blogger launches new eyewear line

Lebanese fashion blogger Karen B. Wazen just launched her very own range of edgy eyewear. (File photo: Getty Images)
Updated 05 December 2018

Watch out for Wazen: Lebanese blogger launches new eyewear line

DUBAI: Lebanese fashion blogger Karen B. Wazen just launched her very own range of edgy eyewear and it’s a collection you should keep an eye on. With 15 sunglasses, there is something for everyone.
‘The 80s’
Wazen’s collection is broken up into sets of three, with the first titled “The 80s.” This trio of straight-edged, rectangular eyewear comes in black, baby blue and rose-tinted lenses, which all offer UV protection and retail for $140 each.
‘The Cat-Like’
This trio of retro-style shades come in three color variants and are priced at $140 each. The sleek, futuristic glasses come with grey, black and violet lenses.
‘The Glamorous’
This set of classic eyewear, which retail at $135 each, is all about vintage glamor and wouldn’t look out of place in a 1950’s-themed photoshoot. The frames come in black, tortoiseshell and white variants.
‘The Retros’
The circular, John Lennon-style shades come with wire rims in black, green and brown. Each pair costs $145.
‘The Vision Style’
Gold, red and blue-tinted lenses make up this trio of 1970s-style rectangular frames. Each pair retails for $145.

Yousra Elsadig brings her modest style to LFW

An image from the show in London. (Frederico Velez)
Updated 21 February 2019

Yousra Elsadig brings her modest style to LFW

DUBAI: An independent showcase of emerging designers held during London Fashion Week, Fashion Scout once again lived up to its name — scouting out and presenting talented designers from across the globe from Feb. 15-17.

Arab News went along to a showing by a UK-based designer Yousra Elsadig, whose Boutique De Nana collection paid tribute to her former home country, Sudan.

“I am trying to depict the beauty of my homeland. It’s so heart-breaking to see what’s happening in Sudan. I want to dedicate this collection to my country and to put the focus on freedom, justice and peace,” she said.

Elsadig, who was named “Woman of the Year” by Barclays in 2017 and “Designer of The Year 2016 by the Modest Association of London, designs for women who want to dress modestly, but with imagination and style.

“The modest element is very important to me — women can be beautiful, feminine and modest,” she said.

Her designs have a simplicity, charm and quirkiness that comes partly from the use of recycled fabrics, as sustainability is a key message she wants to get across. 

Elsadig is unusual in combining her designer role with a full-time degree in optometry. In fact, the day before her LFW show, she sat an exam and then drove from her home in Wales to London. 

She is also the mother of two young girls, but if that’s a lot to juggle it doesn’t show. She was a bundle of warmth and energy backstage — calmly briefing the models.

Her family left Sudan when she was very young and she grew up in Canada. Her family then left Canada to live in Wales in the UK.

It was in Cardiff that she met her mentor, designer Sarah Valentin, who was teaching community sewing and textile classes with a special focus on recycling and sustainability. Valentin said she is thrilled to see Elsadig achieving such success.

“I saw her potential and creative ideas. It’s incredible that she is showing here at London Fashion Week.  I’m so proud of her,” she said.

As the models moved gracefully through the room, the clothes gave off a sense of confident, graceful and highly individual style — perfect for the modern, modest woman of today.