Sudan police shoot live fire outside home of dead protester

Protests in Sudan have escalated in the past days against the administration. (File/AFP)
Updated 18 January 2019

Sudan police shoot live fire outside home of dead protester

  • Around 2,000 mourners had gathered in the Burri neighborhood where the man, Moawia Othman, was shot on Thursday
  • child and a doctor were also shot dead in Burri on Thursday, the Sudan Doctors’ Committee, a group linked to the opposition, said

KHARTOUM: Sudanese police shot live ammunition as mourners gathered outside the home of a 60-year-old protester who died early on Friday from a gunshot wound sustained during anti-government demonstrations, a Reuters witness said.
Two to three thousand mourners had gathered in Khartoum's Burri neighbourhood where the 60-year-old man, Moawia Othman, was shot on Thursday evening during demonstrations against the 30-year-old rule of President Omar al-Bashir.
Before police opened fire, some mourners had pelted police nearby with rocks and damaged a police car, a Reuters witness said. The mourners blocked a main street in Burri with stones and chanted "There is no God but God!" and "Martyr! Martyr!". Several were wailing and crying and some were carrying Sudanese flags.
There were no immediate reports of casualties.
The protests, now in a fifth week, were triggered by price rises, but have quickly developed into demonstrations against Bashir. Bashir has blamed the protests on foreign "agents" and said the unrest would not lead to a change in government, challenging his opponents to seek power through the ballot box.
In violent clashes in Burri on Thursday, a child and a doctor were shot dead, the Sudan Doctors' Committee, a group linked to the opposition, said. A live video posted on social media and verified by Reuters showed security forces pointing guns at protesters in Burri. A sound of gunfire could be heard.
After Friday's shooting outside Othman's home, thousands attended his funeral at a cemetery across from a police officers' club. Clashes with police had calmed by the time protesters transported the body to Burri Mosque.

Man arrested for London mosque shooting

Updated 27 min 26 sec ago

Man arrested for London mosque shooting

  • The suspect was charged with possession of firearms with intent to cause harm or fear
  • Police say the suspect may have had a fight earlier in a nearby street

DUBAI: A man has been arrested after he fired a gun in a London mosque, UK daily The Metro reported.

The man entered the Seven Kings Mosque in London, on Thursday, May 9, while worshippers performed Ramadan prayers and fired a gun, the report added.

He was arrested on charges of possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.
There were no reports of injuries or damages to the building, ballistic evidence suggests the detainee may have used a blank-firing handgun, police said.

Police investigations said it is possible the incident started after an earlier argument in a nearby street.

A mosque attendee, Ibraheem Hussain, said he heard the gunshot almost half an hour after prayers began, adding that he was concerned for the safety of worshippers.

“(Christchurch) comes to mind, it’s crazy to think this would happen in London, especially after everything that has happened,” he told Metro.