HIGHLIGHTS from Sherin Guirguis’ ‘Bint al Nil’

Sherin Guirguis ‘Here I Have Returned.’ (Supplied)
Updated 07 February 2019

HIGHLIGHTS from Sherin Guirguis’ ‘Bint al Nil’

DUBAI: Sherin Guirguis’ “Bint al Nil” is one of two exhibitions chosen to open the Tahrir Cultural Center at the American University in Cairo this month, which runs until February 28.

‘Here I Have Returned’ (2018)
LA-based, Luxor-born artist Sherin Guirguis has created a body of work intended to honor Doria Shafik, the pioneering Egyptian feminist who founded the Bint Al Nil Movement, which was instrumental in gaining Egyptian women the right to vote.

‘Storming Parliament I’ (2018)
One of a pair of paintings whose paper patterns echo the architecture of the gates outside Egypt’s parliament building. Guirguis has partially covered them in swathes of indigo-blue ink, mirroring the Nile. The title refers to a march on parliament led by Shafik in 1951, leading more than 1,500 women in protest against male dominance in politics.

‘Azbakeya (Will You Welcome Me This Time)’ (2018)
The background pattern of this piece reflects the latticework on the fences around Cairo’s Azbakeya Gardens — the scene of Shafik’s first public address. In a press release for Guirguis’ similar recent exhibit in the US, the artist’s work was described as “crucial, because she is … bringing awareness to histories that will likely fade away.”


Emirati comedy 'Rashid & Rajab’ strikes a deal at Cannes

Updated 19 May 2019

Emirati comedy 'Rashid & Rajab’ strikes a deal at Cannes

  • The film will be released during Eid Al-Fitr in the GCC
  • Mohammed Saeed also directed the animated series Freej

DUBAI: Image Nation Abu Dhabi’s upcoming film “Rashid & Rajab” has been acquired by international sales agent AGC International at the Cannes Film Festival, it was announced on Sunday.

The Emirati comedy will now become available worldwide, following the release of the film across the GCC over the Eid Al-Fitr break.

Shot on location in Dubai, it is Emirati director Mohammed Saeed’s first live-action feature film after his success with the now iconic animated series, Freej.

The comedy follows wealthy Emirati executive Rashid (Marwan Abdullah Saleh) and carefree Egyptian fast-food deliveryman Rajab (Shadi Alfons), who switch bodies after a freak accident on their way to work. As they desperately look for a way to revert to their former selves, the unlikely pair gain a different perspective into each other’s lives.