The Six: Bahraini label Noon by Noor shows off at NYFW

Bahraini womenswear label Noon by Noor showcased its latest line at New York Fashion Week on Thursday. (AFP)
Updated 10 February 2019

The Six: Bahraini label Noon by Noor shows off at NYFW

DUBAI: Bahraini womenswear label Noon by Noor showcased its latest line at New York Fashion Week on Thursday — here are some of our favorite looks.

Chic pleats

Demure, floor-length pleats and a rainforest green silk blouse with quirky details on the shoulder, this look is an ideal daytime option.


Back to black

The rouched sleeves and extended cuffs on this diaphanous blouse make for subtle yet gorgeous detailing in an otherwise run of the mill outfit.


Match point

Pairing coral sleeves with a voluminous tan coat worked so well it left us wondering why we haven’t seen more of this winning color combination over the years.


Classic coat

Camel colored coats have long been feted as the ultimate in sophisticated, working woman glamor and this flowing jacket is a wonderful update on the usually structured closet staple.


Fuss free

This structured yellow-and-black look wouldn’t look out of place on an edgy art curator — it’s stylish, bold and unfussy.


Coral on the catwalk

The Pantone Color Institute named “Living Coral” as 2019’s color of the year and the designers seem to have caught on — this cheerful look is young and fun, but remains true to Noon by Noor’s chic vibe.



Emirati-Palestinian Lana Hattab’s modern take on modest fashion

Lana Hattab shows off various looks around the UAE. (Supplied)
Updated 22 August 2019

Emirati-Palestinian Lana Hattab’s modern take on modest fashion

DUBAI: To many, modest wear is an expression of their religious beliefs, but to Lana Hattab, modesty defines who she really is. “It is part of me,” she said in an interview with Arab News.

The Emirati-Palestinian blogger, who is based in the UAE, hopes to provide inspiration to young women who may find it challenging to dress conservatively yet still look fashionable.

Lana Hattab said her dual culture has helped shape her style. (Supplied)

According to the 22-year-old, “it is very important for modest-wear influencers to have a strong presence on social media because such women inspire young girls to stick to their culture and religious beliefs.”

While many women struggle to see a representation of themselves on the internet, Hattab said she hopes to constantly remind women that they have the choice of being who they want to be. “Optionality is key,” she said.  

Lana Hattab was raised in the UAE. (Supplied)

“International brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Max Mara, Gucci, Nike and Adidas have adapted to the Middle Eastern culture and are aware of the modest market, which makes it easier for women to relate more to these international brands now,” she added.

When speaking about the pressure that social media has on women, Hattab said that people are much wiser than they might appear on Instagram. “It is not always about dressing modestly, but rather about dressing confidently. A lot of women think of the hijab as a restriction, but I believe you can look very modern, very friendly and very classy while being comfortable to the extent of how much each person wants to cover up,” she added.

The 22-year-old studied accounting. (Supplied) 

The blogger, who has 44,000 followers on Instagram, said “even though my platform is mainly about fashion and beauty, I also like to share with my followers what I do on a daily basis. It reflects my daily life and portrays how a hijabi is just like everyone else.”

Hattab, who has a degree in accounting, is busy establishing a Dubai-based business with her partners that is yet to be announced. She is also collaborating with international and regional brands on upcoming projects.