New releases from UAE-based artists Alexis, Saffron

Dubai-based teenage singer-songwriter Saffron. (Supplied)
Updated 11 February 2019

New releases from UAE-based artists Alexis, Saffron

  • Here are the new releases from UAE-based music artists
  • Alexia and Saffron are both under Universal MENA deals

DUBAI: R&B singer-songwriter and producer Alexis has released her sophomore album “This Is Me…” on Universal Music MENA — her first record for the label and almost a decade on from the release of her debut album, 2010’s “Speak Love Life Lessons,” which was released by EMI, and which spawned an album of remixes — “Speak Loud” — in 2014.
Alexis told Arab News that she comes from a family with “roots in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula” and that she remembers growing up with the music of Umm Kulthum playing in the house. She found herself drawn to female vocalists.
“There was something about powerful women and the effect of song that really resonated with me, and it stuck with me,” she said.
Her mainly self-produced album (“Love Will…” is a collaboration with Grammy-winning producers Carvin & Ivan) is, according to the label, “a suite of material that gives an unambiguous and candid view into her life,” imbuing “her signature R&B vocals across Middle Eastern rhythms, trap beats, bluegrass banjos and symphonic string arrangements.”

“This Is Me…” was released last Friday, and Alexis said she has already received feedback from people in the US, Africa, the Middle East, Spain, the Far East, and Russia. Audience response is one of the things she most appreciates about her music career, she explained.
“It’s a communion that is like nothing else. I love that something that comes from just a dream or a thought can affect people that I don’t know from such diverse backgrounds. That still amazes me. And I don’t think I will ever become jaded about it,” she said. “That’s powerful.”
Another Universal MENA artist, Dubai-based teenage singer-songwriter Saffron (Collins) recently released her latest single, “I Liked You.” Musically, Saffron told Arab News, the track was inspired by Colombian-American artist Kali Uchis’ “Dead To Me,” particularly that song’s “catchy drum and bass line.”
As for the lyrics, she expained: “The song delves into the reality of rejection and how having a crush can make you feel so good and so awful at the same time.”
Both “This Is Me…” and “I Liked You” are out now on all major digital music platforms.

Kate Beckinsale flaunts Lebanese look in New York

British actress Kate Beckinsale is promoting her new series, ‘The Widow.’ AFP
Updated 23 April 2019

Kate Beckinsale flaunts Lebanese look in New York

DUBAI: British actress Kate Beckinsale appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” last week wearing a flirty cocktail dress by Lebanese designer Georges Chakra.

The one-shouldered, form-fitting black dress featured white ruffles on the neckline and shoulder and was styled with simple black Louboutin pumps and loose, wavy hair.  

“Stunner @katebeckinsale (on) ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ in a #GeorgesChakra black-and-white ruffled mini cocktail dress from the 2018 Spring/Summer couture collection,” the fashion house posted on Instagram.

While on the late-night talk show, Beckinsale threw caution to wind and played one of Fallon’s long-running games, “Can You Feel It?”

The segment involves Fallon and his guest having to guess what an item is by feeling it inside a box.

The audience was in hysterics as both Beckinsale and Fallon were forced to caress a human foot in the final round of the game.

Beckinsale was on the show to promote her new show, “The Widow,” which is airing on Amazon Prime.

The series stars Beckinsale as Georgia Wells, a troubled woman whose life is turned upside down when she suspects that her husband, who she previously believed had died in a plane crash in Africa, may actually be alive.

She travels to Africa to find him and encounters countless dangers along the way.

“Georgia Wells is a really complicated character. I think of her as the unluckiest person in the whole world. She either has everything bad happen to her or nearly bad happen to her,” Beckinsale told the Los Angeles Times in a recent interview.

“It was a very emotionally intense role, a grueling six-month shoot in South Africa. People that you’re working with are seeing you sobbing and suffering hours and hours a day,” she added about the experience.

Beckinsale isn’t the only celebrity to appear on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” wearing an outfit by a Lebanese designer this week.

Canadian model Winnie Harlow was spotted wearing a deep blue mini dress by Elie Saab when she visited the show over the weekend.

The model showed off a richly hued dress, complete with an asymmetrical ruffle, from the designers ready-to-wear Autumn/Winter 2019-20 collection. She paired the dress with matching over-the-knee boots.