Happiness: a feeling much easier achieved en masse

Just because someone says you should be happy, doesn't mean that's what's going to happen, conference told. (Shutterstock/File)
Updated 11 February 2019

Happiness: a feeling much easier achieved en masse

  • 'Happiness is better achieved as a collective'
  • The pursuit of happiness is better with others

DUBAI: Happiness is not something that can be created by an individual simply because they are told, but a feeling that results from interaction, an academic told the World Government Summit on Monday.

Referring to the US bill of rights that tells every American that they have the right to the pursuit of happiness, Professor of applied mathematics at Cornell University, Steven Strogatz said this was not necessarily a choice, individuals could make.

In a speech about the science of synchronized randomness, he concluded that complex systems in society were created by a number of different parts reacting in different ways.

He said in America there was a perception that happiness was something “each person should pursue on their own.”

“But happiness is very much a social phenomenon that people’s wellbeing and happiness that relies on their interactions with their fellow citizens,” Strogatz said.

“We can help each other be healthier and happier collectively – it’s not just up to us individually.”

Where We Are Going Today: Trend

Updated 18 April 2019

Where We Are Going Today: Trend

As its name suggests, this is a restaurant that aims to set trends, with its distinctive meals and desserts, that others will want to follow.

At Trend, it is the little details and twists they put on familiar dishes that make all the difference, such as the blueberry sauce burger, wraps held together with pegs, black pasta and multicolored burger buns. However, it is not only the presentation of the food that sets Trend apart, but also the quality and originality of the flavors.

The restaurant also has a unique way of serving food: It is placed in layers in a tin that is placed upside down on your plate, and when it arrives at the table you lift the tin and let the layers spread out.

They also have Instagram-worthy menu options such as the Gold Burger, which is served with edible gold leaf on top of the bun. The location, in Beach Tower, on Corniche Road in Jeddah’s Ash Shati district, is also photo friendly and the perfect place to relax.