Charriol celebrates ‘crazy love’ with new line

The bangles are made of twisted steel cable, which is emblematic of the Charriol brand.
Updated 12 February 2019

Charriol celebrates ‘crazy love’ with new line

Swiss watchmaker and jeweler Charriol has launched a new feminine collection — “Crazy in Love Again” — for 2019.

It features a line of jewels that pays tribute to the “passionate, daring and plural femininity,” which is at the heart of the jewelry creations of the brand since 1983. 

Dedicated to “The Art of living the difference,” the collection consists of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, combining white topaz, rhodium silver 925 and steel cables. 

It is for the “eternal and contemporary lovers” to express to their partner how much they are “Crazy in Love Again” on this Feb. 14. The theme of love is expressed through the ballet of the heart and the arrow, in a jewelry line that plays with symmetry and asymmetry.

“The bangles, made of twisted steel cable, emblematic of the brand Charriol, come here to offer their strands of masculinity to ultra-feminine jewelry that wrap around wrists and punctuate them with hearts and arrows set with white topaz,” Charriol said. 

The collection consists of two models of finger rings made in twisted steel and white topaz.

“In the Crazy in Love Again collection, the earrings unveil a new spirit of modernity with elegance and glamor. Models play asymmetry. Each loop is unique. A mesh pendant echoes a nail or embellishes a pair of heart and arrow that frame the face,” the brand said.

The necklaces of the line feature fluid silver chains with asymmetrical and elaborate meshes, extended with crimped pendants and lariats without a clasp or a fastener, whose chains decorated with charms pass through a ring to seal the necklace.

Tunisian pavilion at Souk Okaz depicts vibrant street life

Updated 17 August 2019

Tunisian pavilion at Souk Okaz depicts vibrant street life

Visitors to the Tunisian pavilion in the Arab Neighborhood at Souk Okaz can take a pleasant journey through its different sections, which creatively depict the daily pulse of life in the streets, landmarks and markets of Tunisia, welcoming people with a taste of its cuisine, its artworks and distinctive products. 

The Tunisian pavilion highlights the country’s architectural style, welcoming accents, fragrances and music. Visitors can look at and buy famous Tunisian carpets, derived from Berber heritage in various styles such as Margoum, Kilim, Zarbia and Bekhnouk. Visitors can also buy traditional footwear, made from a range of animal skins and embroidered with silk thread. 

The amber and perfume corner captures the eye and the nose, with delicate scents of musk, amber and aromatic oils, including radish oil, castor, ginger, black seed and flaxseed. Visitors can also see a range of carvings, including representations of the holy Kaaba, the Grand Mosque of Makkah, and Tunisian monuments and artworks. Visitors can also enjoy Tunisia’s popular cuisine, and experience its varied flavors, with dishes such as harissa, leblebi, fricassée and kafteji. 

The Arab Neighborhood is being hosted in Souk Okaz for the first time this year as part of Taif Season, which is running throughout August.

Taif Season, which started on Aug. 1, seeks to contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 strategy, which aims to improve quality of life, raise living standards, and create career and investment opportunities.

Events throughout the month cover trade markets and tourist and historical monuments to enhance Taif’s historic and tourist status as a summer destination for Arabs and to promote the Kingdom as an international destination.