HIGHLIGHTS from ‘Personal Revolutions’

'Book of Mathematics' by Hiba Al Ansari. (Supplied)
Updated 18 February 2019

HIGHLIGHTS from ‘Personal Revolutions’

DUBAI: ‘Personal Revolutions’ is showing at Alserkal Avenue in Dubai from March 9 – April 8.


Leila Nseir

“Personal Revolutions” is a group exhibition curated by the Atassi Foundation. On display will be works from Syrian female artists. “There has never been a dedicated exploration of the art scene relating to women artists in Syria,” said foundation founder Mouna Atassi. “(The exhibition) aims to fill this void … even if only to scratch the surface.”

“A Book of Mathematics”

Hiba Al-Ansari

This mixed-media installation was created by Germany-based artist Hiba Al-Ansari. It is based on a textbook she found in the rubble of a recently destroyed house in Kafrenbel in northern Syria and took back to Munich with her, and is, she has said, an exploration of the moment of explosion, designed to show their “absurdity and illogicality.”


“QR Patterns”

Sulafa Hijazi

Hijazi left Syria in 2013, having been a vocal critic of the political and social oppression there. She now lives and works in Berlin. Her digital artwork often focuses on carpets and geometric patterns. In the press release for the show, Mouna Atassi wrote: “To know a society and understand it better, one must look into the role and dynamism of women.”


The Six: A closer look at some of the artists on show at Art Dubai 2019

Updated 20 March 2019

The Six: A closer look at some of the artists on show at Art Dubai 2019

DUBAI: There are more than 500 artists on show at the region’s largest art fair, set to wrap up on March 23, and we’ve taken a closer look at six of them.

Daniah Al-Saleh

Al-Saleh, winner of this year’s Ithra Art Prize, unveiled her piece, “Sawtam” — Arabic for phoneme, the smallest unit of sound in a language. The artist recorded herself pronouncing all the 28 Arabic phonemes and created visual images of the sound waves of each.

Luis E. López-Chávez

The Cuban artist created a series of carpet-based works while on a 40-day residency in Dubai. He told Arab News that his work is all about merging the public — through allusions to graffiti — and the private spheres.

Samia Halaby

Showcased by the Dubai-based Ayyam Gallery, Halaby is a Palestinian artist who lives in New York and creates stunning, block-printed works that are exploding with color.

Rashed Al-Shashai

Saudi artist Al-Shashai created this lit-up, delicate piece called “Brand 2” in 2019.

Tomas Dauksa

One of the most fun pieces we spotted, “No Limit” by Dauksa featured battery-operated, fantastical, animal-like creations careening across the floor.

Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim

Shown by the Lawrie Shabibi gallery, “Robot 4” is a cardboard and papier-mâché creation that meshed together rudimentary materials with the futuristic concept of robot technology.