Spotted at MFW: Salama Mohamed hunts for pasta on the way to Aigner

Salama Mohamed, right, attended the Aigner show in Milan. (Image supplied)
Updated 23 February 2019

Spotted at MFW: Salama Mohamed hunts for pasta on the way to Aigner

MILAN: If you follow Emirati influencer Salama Mohamed on Instagram, you’ll know what we mean when we say she’s one of the funniest, tongue-in-cheek bloggers around.

And the mother-of-two, who usually posts family snaps and collaborates with her influencer husband on comedic sketches, brought some of that humor to Milan Fashion Week over the weekend.

Mohamed took to the streets of Milan in an array of glittering outfits, some of which were styled by up-and-coming Emirati stylist Faisal Naser.

Arab News caught up with the social media star, who has 247k followers on Instagram, and discovered what it’s like to be thrown into the spotlight at one of the world’s biggest fashion events.



“I never ever imagined myself going to Milan Fashion Week, simply because I live in my pjs. It feels so surreal to be here!” she said.

“I love this city and it’s actually my fourth time in Milan. Besides the charm of the city and its amazing vibes, I must admit that my absolute favorite tourist activity … is shopping and eating pizza for every meal and snack.”

She’s nothing if not relatable.

Mohamed has parlayed that sense of humor and relatability into her own jewelry line, Pearl by S, and a fast-growing fanbase on social media — and now she has demonstrated her reach by snapping up an invite to the exclusive Aigner show, which took place on Friday night in Milan.



Running away from my responsibilities like...

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“I loved the show so much! The venue was breathtaking. Every outfit and every model gave me goosebumps. My ultimate favorite piece was the Aigner coat with Aigner print all over it. It was an out of this world experience,” she told Arab News.

And then, in a typical back-to-the-real-world line from the influencer, she added: “To be honest, what I am excited about the most every time I’m here is to hunt down the best and newest pasta spots.”

From pasta to high-end sartorial glamor, this blogger does it all.

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