A piece of Jeddah in Jubail: Albaik pops up for Sharqiah Season

Albaik's mobile restaurant on the move in Alkhobar. (Supplied photo)
Updated 14 March 2019

A piece of Jeddah in Jubail: Albaik pops up for Sharqiah Season

  • Jeddah's legendary chicken shack is the Kingdom's answer to Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Althought it opened as far back as 1974, Albaik has started expanding outside the Hijaz area only last year

ALKHOBAR: As Jubail gets ready to be part of the Sharqiah Season, another attraction is sure to draw attention from far and wide: a temporary branch of Albaik, the legendary Jeddah chicken shack. Visitors to Jubail’s Young Marine Park can now swing by its pop-up restaurant for a taste of the west coast’s iconic fried chicken for the next 45 days, between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. 

“I don’t care if it’s in Jubail; I’ll go all the way there for Albaik,” one person tweeted. “It’s cheaper than getting a flight to Jeddah, after all.”

Al Baik's mobile restaurant on the move in Alkhobar. (Supplied photo)

The first Albaik restaurant opened in Jeddah in 1974 as the local answer to Kentucky Fried Chicken and has since gained something of a cult following in Saudi culture. Long seen as a west-coast-exclusive, Albaik has only just started to expand outside of the Hijaz region and into other parts of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh now has two branches in operation, with more on the way, and the chain shows no signs of slowing down.

The fast-food chain took to Twitter to announce plans to expand its reach to the east coast back in October of 2018, causing a nationwide frenzy amongst fried chicken enthusiasts. “Goodbye, KFC, McDonald’s, Kudu and Herfy!” one fan commented on Albaik’s Facebook page. “If we’re getting Albaik, then no other fast food matters.”

The pop-up shares its debut with that of Sharqiah Season, a festival that opens across several east coast cities on Thursday, March 14 and runs until March 30. With Jubail events including a multimedia water show, watersport competitions, concerts and exhibitions, residents and visitors alike can take in the entertainment and grab some coveted chicken goodness to boot.

The festival will also feature sports events such as the Red Bull Air Race and the Formula 1 H20 boat race, as well as concerts in Dammam featuring Akon, Deadmau5, Pitbull and French Montana.

Saudi Red Crescent Society’s medic receives world recognition

Updated 3 min 28 sec ago

Saudi Red Crescent Society’s medic receives world recognition

  • Improving health care services in the Kingdom is one of the key goals of Vision 2030

JEDDAH: A Saudi Red Crescent Society medical supervisor has received a health facility assessment certificate from the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), the first award of its kind anywhere in the world.

Dr. Taimour Jan, a supervisor at the Makkah Red Crescent’s air ambulance service, said that the government’s support for the health sector had helped it to make “significant strides,” which had led to the awarding of the certificate.

Jan told Arab News that he gained the accreditation for passing a course called “Fundamentals of External Evaluation Surveying,” which provided him with a critical insight into assessment methodologies, approaches and techniques.

“ISQua, through its 30 years of experience, seeks to develop health care professionals’ capabilities. They have introduced this course that provides people with knowledge to help them in assisting in their health facilities.”

He added that the Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Health Care Institutions played an important role in enhancing the quality of services in facilities across the country, allowing Saudi health care system to keep pace with other nations.

He also said that the future of the sector was bright, given the number of resources being allocated to education in the Kingdom, describing young Saudis as “determined and able.”

“The support of the government provides a fertile training environment for young Saudis to develop and achieve their goals in health care provision,” he concluded.

Improving the health care services in the Kingdom is one of the key goals of Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program (NTP) 2020. In order to boost the health care sector and improve the performance of hospitals in Saudi Arabia, the Health Ministry is effectively pursuing the implementation of Adaa standards.

Adaa, the National Center for Performance Measurement, is tasked with performance measurement of government entities. It involves providing tools, frameworks and educational support, which enables better measurement and development.

The program features over 40 indicators to measure the performance of seven key therapeutic aspects including emergency, clinics, surgeries, hospitalization, intensive care, radiology and labs. The program also aims to develop the skills of health professionals and to enable them to effectively use these performance indicators.