Red Bull Air Race takes off in eastern KSA's Sharqiah Season

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A number of foreign tourists attended the practice run of the Red bull Air Races in Dammam. (AN Photo by Essam Al-Ghalib)
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839A6492.jpg – The atmosphere was festive at the Red Bull Air Races. (AN Photo by Essam Al-Ghalib)
Updated 22 March 2019

Red Bull Air Race takes off in eastern KSA's Sharqiah Season

  • Red Bull Air Show Demo, taking place in Dammam for the first time as part of Sharqiah Season

DAMMAM: Hundreds of Saudis streamed to the Corniche on Thursday afternoon for the opening of the Red Bull Air Race Demo, taking place in Dammam for the first time as part of Sharqiah Season.

French pilot Baptiste Vignes and Swede Daniel Ryfa performed competition maneuvers between 13 “air gates” — 25-meter cones set up in the water — while there was also an aerobatic display, featuring tail slides and rolling turns, high in the skies above the course.

Obadah Al-Sibai and Suhair Nabil were camped out below to see the air demo. “It’s something completely different, unlike anything we’ve ever experienced here in Saudi,” said Al-Sibai.

“The whole of Sharqiah Season has been incredible to see unfold. I can’t believe there’s still more to come,” Nabil added.

The demo, held in collaboration with the General Sports Authority (GSA), is taking place for three days over the weekend on Dammam’s northern waterfront as a prelude to the 2019 season finale, that will be held in the Kingdom in November.

Between the demonstration and the aerobatic display, a vast speaker system set up along the Corniche pumped out pop music, from Queen to Drake, whilst children had their faces painted and visitors posed for photos in front of a replica Red Bull plane.

Sharqiah Season, which features over 80 events across Eastern Province cities, is the first of 11 scheduled festivals planned around Saudi Arabia in 2019, organized as a collaborative effort by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage with the GSA, General Entertainment Authority and General Culture Authority.

The second Red Bull event begins at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, with gates open from 1 p.m. Thursday night’s Pitbull concert, meanwhile, has been rescheduled for Friday afternoon in Dammam’s Life Park.

Saudi efforts to promote tolerance, moderation lauded

Updated 23 July 2019

Saudi efforts to promote tolerance, moderation lauded

RIYADH: The rector of the Islamic University of Brussels hailed Saudi efforts to promote moderate Islam, reject extremism, fight against terrorism, serve the religion and its followers, and respond to aberrant ideologies that have harmed the Muslim world.

Dr. Mustafa Khader Donmez also praised the programs carried out by the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah and Guidance.

“The Kingdom has established specialized scientific, educational and media institutions, called for the unity of the Islamic nation, and cooperated with all that strengthens the nation’s unity and preserves its security,” he said.

“Saudi Arabia has been holding conferences inside and outside the Kingdom, to which it invited scholars and specialists, in cooperation with regional and international bodies to promote Islamic tolerance and address the causes of extremism and terrorism.”

Donmez said the Kingdom has invited Islamic institutions and international bodies to implement programs and events that fight extremism and condemn terrorism.

“The Kingdom is keen to promote international peace and communication between cultures and the followers of different religions through calling for interreligious and intercultural dialogue, a domain in which the Kingdom has been a pioneer,” he added.

Saudi Arabia “has taken the lead in spending for this purpose as it is in line with its high status on the Islamic and international levels,” he said. SPA Riyadh