Four-decade old painting of an Arab man sold for $1.38m

The painting dates back to 1939. (Oman embassy in South Africa/Twitter)
Updated 03 April 2019

Four-decade old painting of an Arab man sold for $1.38m

  • The artwork, titled “An Arab Man,” was painted in Zanzibar in 1985
  • It was painted by South African artist Irma Stern

DUBAI: A rare painting of an Omani man by South African artist Irma Stern was auctioned for $1.38 million dollars, the Omani embassy in South Africa announced.

In a tweet, the Oman embassy in Cape Town revealed the painting was sold in an auction after a “fierce bidding” on March 18, where the value of the painting reached up to African Rand 12,070,000. The painting was sold to an unnamed South African buyer.

The artwork, titled “An Arab Man,” was painted in Zanzibar in 1985 by Stern, who drew inspiration from her visit in the island in 1939 and 1945.

“The painting dates back to the reign of Sultan Khalifa bin Harib bin Thwaini Al-Said,” the embassy said.

Made with oil on canvass, the painting shows an Omani man dressed in traditional garments.

Egyptian DJ Raveland makes melting-pot music from the UAE

DJ Raveland was raised in Abu Dhabi. (Supplied)
Updated 19 August 2019

Egyptian DJ Raveland makes melting-pot music from the UAE

DUBAI: The Egyptian music producer and DJ who goes by the name Raveland has surprised his fans with a new hit this summer. 

Raveland hosts concerts around the UAE. (Supplied)

Honoring the Swedish musician Avicii, who died in Oman last year, “My Way” is an old-school house music track. “Avicii was one of my idols. Nothing will top his productions, but I wanted to bring back this vibe to the industry,” the artist told Arab News. 

“‘My Way’ is different from everything I have done before. It is calm, and focuses more on the vocals and the melody,” he added. 

The musician, who is signed with Universal Music MENA, was able to build a large fan base with tracks and mix tapes reaching more than 100,000 streams and downloads internationally. 

The DJ’s ambitions pushed him to release a music video for his track “Rêve” on Vevo that featured one of his events in Abu Dhabi with fans enjoying his various music genres.

Raised in Abu Dhabi, Raveland has been touring around the UAE to perform his tracks, including “Resolution 19,” “Dreamville” and “Way to Tomorrowland.”

In June, he released an extended play – a short album featuring four tracks – called “28.” From trance to romantic, “28” had it all. 

Raveland released his recent album "28" this summer. (Supplied)

Under the big umbrella of electronic dance music, Raveland’s productions bring different cultures together. One of his “28” tracks, “Auaha,” is inspired by New Zealand’s old tribes. “My passion for music is endless. I am constantly trying to explore more genres and more types of music to target a larger audience.” 

Raveland has previously collaborated with musicians such as the UAE-based DJ XABB and the Tunisian DJ Eyjey. Exclusively to Arab News, Raveland announced that he is working on a piece that follows the Latino genre reggaeton, like the famous “Despacito” hit, in collaboration with a Puerto Rican singer. 

The DJ also promised to bring back his online radio show, called “We Are Ravelands,” which has been on hiatus for a few months. “I will bring it back, real strong,” the host said. “The show will feature a lot of collaborations from all around the world, like Egypt, Spain and the US.”