Saudi Vision 2030 forum to be held in Jordan

Updated 18 April 2019

Saudi Vision 2030 forum to be held in Jordan

AMMAN: Under the guidance of Prince Khalid bin Faisal bin Turki, the Saudi ambassador to Jordan, the embassy will organize the “Saudi Vision 2030, its Cultural and Social Effect” forum next Wednesday.

This will be in cooperation with the Abdul Hameed Shoman Cultural Forum (AHSF).

The speakers will be Dr. Mohammed Al-Haizan and Dr. Othman Al-Sini, and Dr. Badr Al-Madi will present the seminar and moderate the dialogue with the audience.  

Valentina Qussisiya, CEO of AHSF, stressed the importance of the forum, which will aim to explore the cultural and social changes resulting from Vision 2030. 

She said that Vision 2030 aims to improve the position of women and ensure their empowerment and participation in economic and social development. 

It will also seek to address a number of areas such as education, health and culture, and establish a foundation to achieve sustainable development, she said. SPA Amman

Abd Al-Salam bin Abdallah Al-’Anzi, a spokesman for the Saudi Embassy in Jordan, said: “This forum is part of the embassy’s belief in the importance of community engagement to cooperate with pioneering cultural and information institutions in Jordan, and the embassy will organize this seminar in participation with the long-established Abdul Hameed Shoman institution, one of the most important Jordanian institutions working on spreading culture and awareness in Jordanian society and the Arab world.” 

Kiswa of Kaaba raised in preparation for Hajj

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Kiswa of Kaaba raised in preparation for Hajj

  • Up to 50 people worked on the raising of Kiswa this year
  • The Kiswa is replaced with white cloth during Hajj

DUBAI: The lower part of Kaaba’s Kiswa, the black cloth draped around the holy shrine, was raised 3 meters in preparation for the new Hajj season and was replaced with white cloth instead, Reasah Al-Harmain said on Friday.
The procedure is done every year before the Hajj season in order to protect the Kiswa, as some pilgrims touch and pull on the black cloth when they circumambulate the Kaaba.

Up to 50 technicians and specialists oversaw the annual process, head of the General Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques Ahmad bin Muhammad Al-Mansouri said.
What some pilgrims do to the Kiswa stems from wrongful beliefs, which is why the black cloth is raised and replaced with white textile during Hajj, he added.
The original Kiswa will be draped again after the Hajj season concludes, Al-Mansouri said.