Ahmad Sameer Al-Adl named ‘King of Drift’ in UAE qualifier

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Ahmad Sameer Al-Adl performs during Red Bull Car Park Drift in Dubai on April 12th, 2019 (Supplied)
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Ahmad Sameer Al-Adl with his trophy for winning the Red Bull Car Park Drift UAE Qualifier on April 12th, 2019 (Supplied)
Updated 22 April 2019

Ahmad Sameer Al-Adl named ‘King of Drift’ in UAE qualifier

DUBAI: The UAE qualifiers for Red Bull Car Park Drift 2019 took place on April 12 on a circular course in the rooftop car park of Dubai Marina Mall.

UAE-based Egyptian driver Ahmad Sameer Al-Adl came first out of 17 participants with an overall score of 342 points — an impressive total on the technically challenging course designed by pro drifter and Red Bull athlete Ahmad Daham, who won the event’s regional finals two years in succession in 2014 and 2015.

“It’s the first time we’ve done this on a rooftop,” Daham told Arab News. “It was inspired by Tokyo Drift — the way they do it in Japan. It was very tight, very technical. There was no margin for error. Anyone who made a mistake, crashed.

“So it didn’t depend on the car; mostly it was dependent on the skill of the driver,” he continued. “Which is the way we wanted it, to give people who don’t have money to build good cars a chance to be able to win it.”

Al-Adl’s closest challengers included Lebanese drivers Mohammad Chehab (283 points) and Ayman Bou Fakhreldine (333 points), and Jordanian drifter Fadi Abu Shehadeh (301 points). Al-Adl will now go on to represent the UAE at the 2019 Red Bull Car Park Drift finals in Istanbul on September 1.

Daham said Al-Adl is “one of the best drivers in the region.”

“His car was perfect for the track — it’s not a very high horsepower car. It’s small and short. But he was technically very good too,” Daham explained. “He’s getting better every year.”

Daham is well-aware of what it takes to win such contests, having won four Middle East drift championships himself. Indeed, later this year he is one of just five drifters worldwide to be invited to take part in this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK. And next month he’s heading to Europe to compete in the Drift Masters European Championship — regarded as one of the toughest competitions around.

Before Red Bull Car Park Drift’s September final, the Middle East will host more qualifying rounds, including Lebanon (May 4 and 5), Jordan (August 16), and Saudi Arabia — although a date has yet to be announced for the latter.

Where We Are Going Today: Bafarat Cafe

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Where We Are Going Today: Bafarat Cafe

The Bafarat Company was established in 1952 as an exporter of herbs, spices, and coffee. 

The business has been thriving since its formation. 

The Bafarat cafe is a place where the old meets the new, making this place ideal for every age group.

The cafe is one of Jeddah’s oldest and most popular spots for people to meet. 

Its products are completely worth the money and many of them are unique.

A personal favorite of mine has been their date cheesecake. 

As a huge fan of dates, this combination was a treat.

Cafes are usually known for their rare blends of coffee, but Bafarat prefers to keep it simple.

The simplicity works. Their cappuccino is a customer favorite and in my view it is one of the best cappuccinos in Jeddah.