Brazilian fashion blogger Camila Coelho touches down in Marrakesh

The blogger shared photographs from the Selman Marrakech hotel. (Instagram)
Updated 29 April 2019

Brazilian fashion blogger Camila Coelho touches down in Marrakesh

  • Camila Coelho has 7.8 million followers on Instagram
  • The Dior Cruise was the label's first big show in Marrakesh

DUBAI: Brazilian fashion-and-beauty blogger Camila Coelho touched down in Morocco on Sunday, just in time for the Dior Cruise collection show in Marrakesh.

The April 29 show was the French label’s first major event in the country and fashion lovers have been buzzing about the runway show online, with British-Moroccan model Nora Attal taking to Instagram to show off the view from a rooftop in Marrakech over the weekend — before she hit the runway to show off the latest collection.

Coelho, who has a stellar 7.8 million followers on Instagram, took to the social media platform to share stunning snaps of a garden in the Moroccan tourist hub.

“Hello Marrakech. Happy to be here for #DiorCruise show!” she captioned a shot of a turquoise swimming pool.

With New York proving to be a big draw for European fashion houses this Spring — both Prada and Louis Vuitton are showcasing their latest collections in the city, on May 2 and May 4 respectively — it’s certainly interesting to see Dior’s attention turn eastward.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, however, as the colorful alleyways of Marrakesh have long served as inspiration for French designers. Late couturier Yves Saint Laurent considered the city his second home and the designer’s gorgeous Majorelle Garden, as well as the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, are major tourist hotspots in the city. 

Morocco has become a playground for the world’s rich and famous, with plenty of international celebrities flocking to its history-steeped cities for high-end holidays.

In November, US model and actress Emily Ratajkowski shared snaps of her holiday in Morocco on social media.

The model was in Marrakech and seemed to have been taken in by the stunning souks and views the city has to offer.

Ratajkowski posted a photograph on Instagram where she is gazing out over the city’s rooftops, captioning it “Marrakech moonrise.”

In October, Halle Berry shared from her stay in Morocco with her millions of Instagram followers, including one snap in which she is riding a camel. The 52-year-old posted a string of photos of her time in the country, including a snap of a souk — which she captioned “Khamssas in the Souk” — and one in which she posed with a cat.

In January, model and social media darling Chrissy Teigen landed in Marrakesh and rode a camel through the desert and posed in a traditional restaurant, complete with majlis-style seating.

What We Are Reading Today: The River Ki by Sawako Ariyoshi

Updated 8 min 52 sec ago

What We Are Reading Today: The River Ki by Sawako Ariyoshi

The River Ki, short and swift and broad like most Japanese rivers, flows into the sea not far south of Osaka. On its journey seaward, it passes through countryside that has long been at the heart of the Japanese tradition. 

The River Ki dominates the lives of the people who live in its fertile valley and imparts a vital strength to the three women, mother, daughter and granddaughter, around whom this novel is built.

It provides them with the courage to cope, in their different ways, with the unprecedented changes that occurred in Japan between the last years of the last century and the middle of this century.

Sawako Ariyoshi, one of Japan’s most successful modern novelists, describes this social and cultural revolution largely through the eyes of Hana, a woman with the vision and integrity to understand the inevitability of the death of the traditional order in Japan, says a review published on

Ariyoshi writes with a love for detail bound to a broader understanding of the importance of the geographical and biological forces that mold her characters — and the result is a story that flows with all the vitality of The River Ki itself.