Updated 14 May 2019

Supermodel shades

Gigi Hadid just unveiled her new collection of sunglasses with Vogue Eyewear. Inspired by the metropolis of New York, the line features sleek, contemporary shades that were designed — and named — by the model herself. We’ve picked out a few to get you through the summer.

  • Yola

    With its retro-chic, 1950s inspired cat-eye shape, this petite acetate frame is available in luminous colorways, including brown/gray, opal red and transparent options.

  • Highline

    This futuristic option boasts clean, industrial lines while mirrored skyscrapers inspired the geometric angles and flat lenses. The lenses even come in tri-gradient shades, fading from blue to lilac to burnt orange.

  • Lafayette

    This metal interpretation of the popular cat-eye shape — which are traditionally made of acetate frames — marries retro-chic femininity with 90’s-inspired grunge. From candy puff to full-on metal tones, the colorway options are varied.

  • Soho

    Cut-off rims and an extended lateral profile give this super-slim 1990s-inspired shape a futuristic edge, while sparkling Swarovski crystals add a touch of glamour.

  • Zoom In

    This wrap-around frame comes with tone-matched gradient and mirror shades.

  • Taura

    Shine bright with these classic frames featuring sparkling Swarovski crystal brows. This option comes in pretty rose gold, sleek silver and edgy black colorways.