Sultan Al-Otaibi new CEO of Dur Hospitality

Sultan bin Badr Al-Otaibi
Updated 21 May 2019

Sultan Al-Otaibi new CEO of Dur Hospitality

Sultan bin Badr Al-Otaibi has been appointed as the chief executive of Dur Hospitality, effective from July 1. He succeeds Badr bin Hamoud Al-Badr, who submitted his resignation to the board of directors in April. 

Al-Otaibi has held various managerial and operational roles at Dur in the last two decades, the most recent being vice president of property and assets.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Abdullah Al-Issa said: “Al-Otaibi will lead the next phase of the company’s ambitious journey toward prosperity.”

“The company is moving steadily toward further growth and is supported by Vision 2030, which gives major importance to the Kingdom’s hospitality sector through various initiatives.”

The chairman thanked outgoing CEO Al-Badr for his contributions to the company.

Thanking the board of directors, Al-Otaibi reiterated his confidence in the company and its potential to contribute to the Saudi hospitality sector. 

Al-Otaibi holds a master’s degree in hotel management from the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management in association with École hôtelière de Lausanne, and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from King Fahd University. He also completed several hospitality courses at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration in the US.

Deal to create largest Arab digital marketing network

Updated 17 June 2019

Deal to create largest Arab digital marketing network

ArabClicks, a performance-based e-marketing platform, has signed a joint strategic cooperation agreement with Basma Media, developer of The two parties aim to build effective relationships and foster business connections between publishers and social media influencers on the one hand, and various e-commerce platforms operating in the Arab world on the other, thus laying the foundation stone for the largest digital marketing network in the Arab region.

The agreement was signed by ArabClicks Co-founder and CEO Mauro Romano, and Nasser Al-Sarami, CEO of Basma Media, at the latter’s headquarters in Dubai Media City.

According to the agreement, Basma Media will work with various publishers, media professionals and social media influencers in the Arab world to familiarize them with the mechanism employed by ArabClicks and then connect them to the platform. The intent is to benefit from the media content provided by these publishers to promote commodities and products marketed across Arab e-commerce platforms such as Noon, Namshi, Sivvi, Java, eBay and Tajawal, and benefit from sales commissions.

Romano said: “We are delighted to partner with Basma Media to reach out to the largest segment of media professionals and influencers in the Arab world. Through the partnership, we seek to capitalize on the exponential growth of e-commerce which has become a key business sector in the Middle East, where ArabClicks is supporting and assisting various businesses in enhancing their market share of the steadily growing electronic sales in the region.”

Al-Sarami said: “Over the past two years, we have been working at Basma Media to strengthen the platform with as many databases as possible for the benefit of media organizations and influencers. Today, the platform incorporates a database of more than 10,000 influencers and around 35,000 geographically diversified influential media people, in addition to 3,000 freelance gifted innovators working in various media production fields as well as 23,000 titles for various media products representing seven different types of mass media covering 35 countries all over the world, a record which makes us one of the key and largest media references on the Arab and international levels. And that’s the reason it would be easy for ArabClicks to deliver its message through in a successful way to the benefit of all parties concerned, including influencers and publishers as well as brands, rights holders and e-commerce platforms.”

Romano added: “With its innovative marketing tools based on transforming web content into a potential source of revenue, ArabClicks provides assistance to e-commerce companies to enhance their reach to various segments of society and to grow in the Middle East market, therefore, helping publishers do business and make easy money through web links, seamlessly and without introducing any changes to the published content or disturbing site users in any way.”