Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh unveils Ramadan tent

The five-star hotel’s iftar buffet features an abundance of Arabic and international Ramadan specialties.
Updated 26 May 2019

Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh unveils Ramadan tent

The Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh is inviting guests to its lamp-inspired Ramadan tent for an opulent gastronomic experience and authentic spiritual ambience.
This year’s Ramadan tent theme “Siraj,” a literal interpretation of “lantern,” transforms one of the hotel’s ballrooms into an exquisitely decorated dining area featuring a lavish iftar buffet.
The classic decor reminisces the role of traditional lamps, which were used in the past for lighting family gatherings and its flame was considered the means to keep those gatherings alive even after dark. Since then, lanterns have been used to decorate houses, shops and streets in the holy month.
Mohammed Marghalani, manager at Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh, said: “The project is the result of the cooperation of various employees in the hotel — starting from the tent’s name through to the variety and quality of dishes and the reception and care of the valued ladies and gentlemen visiting us.”
“Ramadan preparations are deeply rooted in our traditions as they emphasize the uniqueness of this special month. The real essence of Arabian hospitality focuses on making visitors and guests feel appreciated and comfortable,” he added.
Ramadan tents in hotels offering iftar and suhoor delicacies have become a tradition in the Kingdom during the fasting month.


The buffet spread features cuisines from around the world, from Saudi dishes to Asian, Italian and Turkish specialities, displayed in various live stations.

Hundreds of people turn up daily for the lavish meals with family and friends, amid sophisticated decor and five-star service.
On entering the palace-like venue, guests are greeted with the warm and smoky scent of oud at the reception.
The five-star hotel’s iftar buffet features an abundance of Arabic and international Ramadan specialties. Each table is elegantly laid out with dates, Arabic coffee and appetizers.
The buffet spread features cuisines from around the world, from Saudi dishes to Asian, Italian and Turkish specialities, displayed in various live stations.
The star of the buffet is the dessert selection comprising both Middle Eastern and international favorites guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth.
Prices range from SR325 ($86) per adult to SR160 for children. Kids under the age of six dine for free. The tent is open from sunset until 9:00 p.m.
The 492-room Ritz-Carlton has 52 acres of landscaped gardens and is one of the most luxurious five-star properties in the capital.

Deal to create largest Arab digital marketing network

Updated 17 June 2019

Deal to create largest Arab digital marketing network

ArabClicks, a performance-based e-marketing platform, has signed a joint strategic cooperation agreement with Basma Media, developer of omnesmedia.com. The two parties aim to build effective relationships and foster business connections between publishers and social media influencers on the one hand, and various e-commerce platforms operating in the Arab world on the other, thus laying the foundation stone for the largest digital marketing network in the Arab region.

The agreement was signed by ArabClicks Co-founder and CEO Mauro Romano, and Nasser Al-Sarami, CEO of Basma Media, at the latter’s headquarters in Dubai Media City.

According to the agreement, Basma Media will work with various publishers, media professionals and social media influencers in the Arab world to familiarize them with the mechanism employed by ArabClicks and then connect them to the platform. The intent is to benefit from the media content provided by these publishers to promote commodities and products marketed across Arab e-commerce platforms such as Noon, Namshi, Sivvi, Java, eBay and Tajawal, and benefit from sales commissions.

Romano said: “We are delighted to partner with Basma Media to reach out to the largest segment of media professionals and influencers in the Arab world. Through the partnership, we seek to capitalize on the exponential growth of e-commerce which has become a key business sector in the Middle East, where ArabClicks is supporting and assisting various businesses in enhancing their market share of the steadily growing electronic sales in the region.”

Al-Sarami said: “Over the past two years, we have been working at Basma Media to strengthen the omnesmedia.com platform with as many databases as possible for the benefit of media organizations and influencers. Today, the platform incorporates a database of more than 10,000 influencers and around 35,000 geographically diversified influential media people, in addition to 3,000 freelance gifted innovators working in various media production fields as well as 23,000 titles for various media products representing seven different types of mass media covering 35 countries all over the world, a record which makes us one of the key and largest media references on the Arab and international levels. And that’s the reason it would be easy for ArabClicks to deliver its message through omnesmedia.com in a successful way to the benefit of all parties concerned, including influencers and publishers as well as brands, rights holders and e-commerce platforms.”

Romano added: “With its innovative marketing tools based on transforming web content into a potential source of revenue, ArabClicks provides assistance to e-commerce companies to enhance their reach to various segments of society and to grow in the Middle East market, therefore, helping publishers do business and make easy money through web links, seamlessly and without introducing any changes to the published content or disturbing site users in any way.”